You have an eBook reader as a gift. And now?

Reading devices have been

EBook a popular gift this holiday season. There was a lot of hype around them because some new ebook readers have been released and others were sold at special low prices.

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If you got an eBook Reader as a gift, you might not know what to do with her. It is very important that you learn to use your camera and do some preliminary research before purchase and download ebooks. Please use the following steps as guide.

1. Do not buy the first ebook you see.

It could be acting to Google one of your favorite books and try to download it as an ebook, but please do not do this until you have learned more about how ebooks work. You do not cause headache.

2. Determine the sizes and types of files your ebook reading device supports.

Your ebook device comes with a manual or user guide. Read it. You do not read the cover of coverage, but find the part that specifies the types of files on your device may use.

You should also be able to find this information on the website of the device. Look for sections called “specifications”, “Technical”, “features” or something similar. For example, if you have a Neo BeBook you go to and find information for Neo.

I have published information on the types of files for many popular devices on my blog page. Look under “File Formats” for each device.

3. Try to find a free ebook in a supported format ebook readers to try out.

Most support PDF and EPUB. There are many places that offer free downloads in these formats, including Google Book Search, Project Gutenberg, and others.

BIG DISCLAIMER: Free Ebooks generally do not * DRM so they do not behave Similarly an ebook that is protected by DRM. For example, you will not have to “authorize” the device or software. By testing your ebook reader with a free ebook, you can ensure that the file type standard works on your device, but you are not yet fully implemented to the eBooks you purchase.

4. Learn how to transfer the ebook to your computer to your device.

Once you know the file types supported by your device and you have an ebook in this format, you need to know how to get it from your computer to the device. The best place to find instructions for this lies in the user guide or manual.

Most time, you’ll need to connect the device to your computer via a USB cable that came with it. Your computer will recognize the device similar to the way it would recognize a USB key or external hard drive.

5. Find a store that sells electronic books e-book formats that are supported by your device.

If you have a Kindle, you’ll need to buy Amazon Kindle ebooks. I do not recommend that you try to get ebooks Moreover, because most of the time they will not work on the Kindle. Even if you think you’ve found a way around this problem, do you bother.

If another dedicated ebook reading device as a drive Nook BeBook, Cybook, Kobo, or Sony, you can buy ebooks from almost any book retailer. Some retailers include good,, and

You can also buy ebooks from the same company that makes the ebook reader. For example, if you have a meal, you can get ebooks from Barnes & Noble.

6. Verify that your device is supported by the t store.

Don ebook, ebook assume that you are buying from a retail ebook works on your device. It is very important that you check all details of the product before placing an order.

If you know that your unit can use PDF and EPUB, then double-sure that the book you want to buy is indeed in format.

If you can not understand, go ahead and e-mail the company to sure.

7. Install and authorize all necessary software before making a purchase.

There is another layer of double checking the format you need to do. It is extremely important that you determine if the ebook you want to buy has DRM on it or by not.

For example, many devices support PDF and EPUB. Both formats have become more common and are usually the norm. However, the publisher of the book the more likely that DRM is necessary to present the download. This means that you must use a program called Adobe Digital Editions to download the ebook and manage the transfer of the ebook from your computer to your device.

You will need to download Adobe Digital Editions and to allow aid to an Adobe ID. Please see my blog about specific instructions on how to work with this program.

There are many other ebook formats, file types, make sure you install the software required for instructed.

8 formats. Follow all instructions to download the letter.

Even if you think you have the software you need, or if you think you do not need to create a special account, go ahead and follow the instructions anyway. In most cases, you really need to install some software or create a free account at Adobe or any other company has created the software. If you ignore the instructions that you ruin your download.

9. Follow these steps as a guide, but use your own discretion and follow the steps listed are very general instructions.

These. I can not give you specific instructions here because I do not know what type of device you have. Always read your manual and follow the instructions given to you by the Web site where you purchase your ebooks.

* What is DRM?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is the method by which ebooks are protected against free distribution to others. The software connects the ebook to your account so that you can not give. Details vary depending on the software. This guarantee is required by publishers because they want to protect their copyrights.

Jared Scott is an IT professional that has been working in the eBook industry for over ten years. His eBook Reader Software blog is updated regularly with informational posts relating to eBook software.

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