Will Kindle eBook Reader Price Reduction invite you to buy an eBook Reader?

So pressure finally got to the Amazon and the Kindle ebook reader 2 price has disappeared under a discount. It was not a surprise, because once the manufacturing cost was disclosed there was no room for Amazon to hide and with a reputation built on providing value for money, low margins customer service and the result was inevitable. What was a surprise is the size of the drop in prices. Add to that recent positive decision by Kindle, which can result in other manufacturers to lower the prices of their models, with the ever increasing choice of ebook readers, and I must admit that there has never been best time to buy an ebook reader.

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Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader Carrying CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Pouch Case (Black w/Pocket)

The big question is then, and Kindle would like the answer, they will decline in price will be sufficient to allow you to connect to the Kindle store, part with $ 299 purchase ebook reader? Well the price decline has taken this particular digital book reader below $ 300 is a full $ 60 below its launch price just six months ago, but only time will tell if this is enough to attract undecided voters in the market for electronic book reader. Here are my thoughts on it.

You must admit, when people buy an ebook reader that is not because there is a massive need for it because they want and when you want something price does not tend to enter the buying decision. This is something that not only Amazon, but most consumer electronics manufacturers play and enjoy … desire. And for me, that’s the problem for Amazon, and indeed all companies who want you to buy their ebook reader.

For many potential buyers who are looking, thinking but not diving , $ 300 is still a very hard decision to purchase. Yes, they read, but to make this change and move to the will need something more than an ebook reader discount of fifty dollars. It will be very interesting to see how other manufacturers react to this movement. They feel the need to maintain margins but still need people to buy their ebook readers. This could well result in a price reduction eBook Reader by one competitor to Amazon, which will really put the e-book readers in the support of a gadget affordable, bringing the price range the majority of the book readers.

The coming months, the approach of the peak Christmas sales will be interesting, you can put your house on the existence of other discounts ebook reader, hold your money for a little longer, wait for the right time to buy an ebook reader, but remember that last Christmas, Amazon sold out of their Kindle 1 model. So do not wait too long to buy an ebook reader or someone may be disappointed this Christmas day.

The Digital Book Reader market is a confusing place. Vistit Noels blog at http://revolutionarywirelessreadingdevice.com where you can find the best ebook reader reviews that will help you find the model that perfectly fits your reading needs. Noel Swinton lives with his wife Kathy and dog Troob in the UK. He is retired and now spends his time writing and managing various electronic ‘gadgets’ websites.

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