Why Would You Choose Color eReader?

Over the past few years, book reading has become fashionable again, and especially to younger readers. The likes of Harry Potter, and more lately, The Hunger Games have both increased the desire to read. Also making a huge contribution to young and old readers are the innovation of specific electronic devices whose sole aim is to store books and display them. Entire libraries are now being stored on these devices, and the appeal is great for all.

Color eReaders or E Ink eReaders?

Color eReader

Color eReader

These devices started out as being black text on a screen more akin to the page of a book than a regular LCD. Over time, tablet PCs and iPads came onto the market to also take a share of the book reading devices. Cell phones too always a popular way to read, and of course, the old cumbersome PC. But the greatest choice confronting a potential buyer is whether to go for the e Ink system or a color eReader.

The Advantages of the E Ink System

1. Can be read in direct sunlight.
2. The battery lasts forever (well, a good two months anyway).
3. The device is purely for reading, therefore no distractions.
4. The cost is greatly less.

The Advantages of Color eReaders

1. Color eReaders tend to be tablets, therefore are more powerful and can do more.
2. You can read in bed with them, without a light on.
3. They are great all round entertainment devices, read, surf the net, listen to music, watch movies on etc.
4. You could read your favorite digital magazines in color.

With these examples, you can pretty much read into each positive, the negative of the other system. So for a dedicated eReader, you can read in direct sunlight, but without the aid of a light, you cannot read at night. A tablet enables you to read with a light off at night, but is poor at being read in direct sunlight.

It really depends on what you want. If you just want to read, then a dedicated eReader is the way to go, but if you want something a little extra, then a tablet will be your answer. If you choose a regular tablet, such as an iPad or one of the Android machines, then you can still easily read Barnes & Noble or Amazon books by simply installing their apps.

If your budget isn’t so great, then why not consider the Kindle Fire, or the Nook Tablet?

Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet

The big two come together and are largely very similar devices offering very similar functionality with both. The Nook Tablet is a little more powerful with its processor, but both are heavily tied to their respective companies for content. The choice really isn’t between the two devices, it’s really a case of where would you prefer to shop, Amazon or Barnes & Noble? Both machines use a version of Android to power them, both can display books and magazines, provide you with the ability to stream movies and tv shows on, and play games on too.

To conclude, there are many ways to read books electronically, to pick the right device for yourself, you really need to ask yourself what do you want to get out of it and how much do you want to spend? These two simple questions should pave the way for you to choose the e Ink route or go for some kind of color eReader.

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