What You Do, Oprah, and an eBook reader have in common?

It seems as if everyone these days is seeking to simplify their lives and even Oprah is no exception. With our busy lifestyles that include travel from here to there, the eBook Reader is something that someone with a busy lifestyle might consider. Even Oprah raves about his Kindle and says it saved her the agony of travel with such heavy books.

If you considered buying an eReader and then there are some things you absolutely must consider before making your final decision. An eBook, of course, is nothing more than a digital file which is the same as the printed book except that it’s just normal mail. Until the deployment of this technology, books have been read by your PC or laptop.

So how an eBook Reader differ from a PC or laptop? With specialized technology called e-Ink e-Paper, eReader is the willingness to display text and images that feel almost as if it was on real paper. This helps you avoid eyestrain as you normally experience when reading from a computer screen for long periods of time. Also, it is energy efficient and requires very little care. The only time you really force your battery at any level, is when one turns a page. And the best part of all, you can read in direct sunlight without

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So problems.

look at 9 important factors to consider when shopping:.

1 What books are available

You want to make sure you have access to all the books? you can access via your reader. Therefore, keeping in mind that the Sony has somewhere around 100,000 pounds, while the Amazon Kindle has over 280,000 books. Oprah has endorsed the Kindle and the selection of books seemed to be one of his most talked about features. It does not do you much good to find a really good eBook reader if there are no books to read!

2. Pay special attention to the screen.

Since you will spend many hours reading books, it is important that the screen is comfortable for the eyes. So what should we consider. First take a look at the size of the screen. The standard size is 6 “, but most people prefer a bit bigger than that and the FLEPia Fujitsu offers 8″ and the new Kindle DX a huge 9.7 “.


keep in mind if you go see a lot of graphics you may want to also consider the gray scale. The standard is about 8 levels of gray. FLEPia, however, offers a touch screen with capacity of 260,000 colors. At $ 1,000 you Pay for it! The BeBook by the Dutch company Endless Ideas offers several fonts that can be changed as you read (except in PDF format), and three levels of zoom.

3. Long life battery is a big deal.

It of not very funny to have to recharge your device every two of the house. You should be able to experience than 7,000 page turns before recharging. The FLEPia by Fujitsu offers 40 hours of continuous use on a single charge and PRS-505 Sony gives you an average of 6,800 page turns, and the Kindle DX four days on the wireless.


. Matters.


Size is extremely important if you travel a lot. It is imperative that the ebook reader be portable. We must find a balance between the reader to take too much space and it is large enough to read easily. The average weight is about 10 ounces, but the BeBook weighs only 7.8 ounces (220 grams).


. Make sure that the types Reader supports various file formats.


only support the very specific file formats. case in point is the Amazon Kindle 2, which does not support PDF files. It does offer an option that lets you convert PDF files in Kindle format. The Sony PRS-700 supports PDF files, Doc files and others. The iRex iLiad supports PDF, XHTML, Mobipocket, and plain text, and can also display BMP, PNG and JPEG, but not in color. It also has stereo speakers, giving it the ability of talking books. Kindle 2 also offers the ability of text to speech. The Kindle 2 does not support PDF, but the Kindle can read PDF DX native files.

6. Can you go wireless?

Again, this is strictly a personal choice but consumers increasingly demanding. It is definitely worth considering, and the iLiad and Kindle 2 have wireless connectivity, like FLEPia with wireless Bluetooth and WiFi.


. What kind of warranty is offered?


with any new technology introduced on the market, bugs and defects are often encountered in the first place. Therefore, it would be useful to have at least one year warranty just in case. You can, of course, always buy the extended warranty when offered.

8. Have you looked at the evidence?

is always important to see what others think of a piece of equipment. As many of these eBook readers are purchased online It is relatively easy to find evidence on the different types.


. How often do you use your player?

Do you want it to replace the actual books or do you just want to use the drive when you traveling? It is certainly a consideration and could affect many purchase decisions mentioned above.


short, the eBook Reader can offer you many options that the books are not regular. And though you might consider the Approval of Oprah, it may not always know the best choice for your personal situation. So, shop, do your homework and choose the drive that suits your specific needs.

Marco Gustafsson is author of articles on eBook Readers, e-inc technology and electronic books. Find more information here – Digital Book Readers

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