What to consider when you Compare eBook Readers

I have decided I’m going to buy the best ebook reader available this year for Christmas. Contrary to what you may think that many readers of ebooks available on the market does not fit all in the perception of what an ebook reader is about.

Before you can install an ebook reader in a niche you have to set some rules. These would have to focus on the screen and size. For example, the Kindle DX is a little too big to be an ebook reader, fri more suitable for newspapers and comic books really. Despite any Steve Jobs might say, IPAD is a multimedia device and would be completely useless if it just used to read ebooks.

Other factors involved in the purchase decision are the formats that the reader ebook can handle this type of connection is available to download ebooks and extras are there more readers ebook others. There is also the question of cost, the cheapest is not always the best but neither the screen as expensive.

The must be the e-ink technology, preferably the latest incarnation. Ebook reader with a color screen needs to be backlit, which removes the whole point of an ebook reader first. It must be pleasing to the eye as a book.

It plain paper can not be too heavy, preferably around eight ounces or less. All this and heavier than it starts to make my sore arm after an hour or two. I have to think of the extra weight as well when I’m traveling by cable plane.

I want it to read documents in PDF and EPUB. Most online bookstores seem to favor them and the public domain is full of PDF ebooks. Also, I would be able to read text documents so that I can use it to read the notes I made earlier.

Some ebook readers available have some interesting extras. The touchscreen Sony has a virtual keyboard to take notes while the Kindle has built in speakers. The meal can boast of these two figures and also lets you change the battery yourself.

While Wi-Fi is a good way to download books, it is not really necessary. I’m never very far from my computer and I would just need to plug in once or twice a month to download my books. Being able to manipulate your collection of books in bulk has got to be easier than one at a time on the ebook reader.

So finally we come to costs. The average price of an ebook reader seems to be around the bar of $ 150 to $ 200. Most ebooks are around 20-30% cheaper than real books, and because I read a lot, I expect my ebook reader to pay for itself in 6 to 8 m months.

I “always research and verification of all ebook reader reviews and make my decision very soon. It’s a little scary to think that once I have an ebook reader I wonder how I ever lived without it before.

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