Velocity Micro Cruz Reader Review

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader Review is your guide when consider buying $100 budget Android Ebook Reader. This is a 800 x 600 full-color Android OS based touchscreen display reader. You could do web browsing, read ebooks and magazines, and watch videos with.

With $100 mark, it’s nice to come with Wi-fi, so you could download ebooks, Android Market apps, fun games on the go. It includes 4 gb SD card built-in and there is SD card slot to expand your storage – means you could store more movies, music, and apps with this.

Not only that, you could access Borders Ebook Library Portal apps and Cruz Market. Over 2 million ebooks are available, you won’t be disappointed.

Again, Velocity Micro Cruz Reader is not a reader only, there are many userful apps pre-installed such as notepad, calendar, dictionary, contacts etc. You could carry this digital book reader around as your PDA.

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader Review

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