The Benefits of the Kindle Screen Protector and How to Avoid Bubbles

The Kindle screen protector is a great solution to ensuring your Kindle’s display remains scratch free and in good condition. Screen protectors have been around for many years, and have been applied to other devices where interaction with the screen is necessary.

1. What is a Kindle Screen Protector?

kindle screen protector

Kindle Screen Protector

It is a simple piece of plastic film that attaches to the screen. It is transparent, and gives great protection from scratches, dust and other things that may cause damage to it. It also helps aid glare, by reducing the effects of it. This is particularly useful for the screen protector on the Kindle Fire, as this greatly helps visuals in outdoor settings.

There is a full range of protectors available, each specific to its respective Kindle. The protectors are fully removable and reusable, and leave absolutely no residue behind on the screen.

Each pack of screen protectors normally comes with its own special cleaning cloth to ensure crystal clear display on your device.

2. How to Install Screen Protector for Kindle Without Bubbles

Because the screen protectors have to be put on by the device owner, they can at first be tricky to do. It’s not uncommon for there to be many bubbles under the protector, but do not fear, this is easy to remedy.

The protectors normally come sandwiched in between two protective transparent sheets. These are labelled. What you need to do, is to peel back where it says step 1, or something similar. Just pull it off a couple of inches, exposing the adhesive side of the protector.

Next align this to the device. Gently place the exposed end onto the device so it touches and adheres to the screen. Then pull back, and remove the rest of the first side, lowering the protector onto the screen.

It’s likely there will be many bubbles at this point, and so it is necessary to use the cleaning cloth to push these bubbles out and allow the protector to properly stick to the screen. Once most of the bubbles are out, it’s time to remove the front protective sheet. This should simply peel off.

Then, wrap something like a credit card in the cleaning cloth and slowly push the remaining bubbles out of the Kindle screen protector.

3. How to Protect Your Kindle

In addition to using a screen protector, you can also purchase special Kindle covers to really protect your device. These come in various shapes, colors, materials and designs, and can add to the feel and look of your device.

Also, be sure to check out for special kindle screen protector discounts that may be available, you could save even more.

In all, there are many options to choose from with these screen protectors. They are very flexible, and totally reusable should you wish to take it off for any reason. One reason to remove could be to give your protector and Kindle a good clean before marrying the two together again.

In all, it is very important to ensure your Kindle’s screen is well protected, and these Kindle screen protectors are a fantastic way to do this.

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