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Looking for the best ebook reader is extremely difficult, especially when you do not have all the information in one place, and you have to pick through numerous review sites.

Before you commit to buy an eReader let me share all material facts and impressions eReader, then you can make an educated choice.

I found that there are 2 major players in the field ereader – Sony and Amazon, each of these players produced a top ereader, and here I will explore these two electronic devices – the Sony and the Kindle PRS700 DX

Amazon Kindle DX
This electronic handheld electronic book reader has a slim design and lightweight (10.2 ounces) makes it very portable and comfortable. The display screen is 9 inches long and an expert in font size – so you can change the size letter if it is too small to read. The lifespan of the battery lasts more than two weeks without recharging. Kindle DX also has a backlight so you can read even if the lights are off. DX Kindle is wireless so you can view and download ebooks at any time and from anywhere in the world. Amazon eBook Library has over 100,000 ebooks, you can choose to download and easily, and the coast less than half ebooks, then regularly books.

Sony PRS-700:
This device Ebook Reader has a beautiful look to it as well, its screen size is only 6 inches, but its still readable. The Sony PRS-700 uses a touch screen that lets you turn pages. It has no wireless capabilities, it uses a standard USB cable to connect the computer to download books. but the library has a Sony ebook beautiful large library.

The future is electronic reading should not be left behind.
Want to know more about these Electronic Book readers? Side by Side comparisons? Visit this site Top eReaders to read more reviews for various brands of eReaders:.

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