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Best selling ebook readers

EBooks ordinary books are produced on a digital format. You can download and play on your PC or laptop, but if you want to read on the move or take them on vacation, you’ll need an eBook reader. Many manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon and

Got Kindle? The characteristics and uses of ebook readers

Electronic book readers, also known as readers ebook or digital book readers have become so popular that the ebook reader from Amazon, the Kindle has become the most sold on their site, and it’s a lot to say Amazon has since millions of products. The simplest definition

Increased demand for portable ebook readers

The new wave of portable eBook readers allow people traveling to their favorite magazines and books with them. digital format certainly weighs less than the equivalent of the stack of books. In addition, the convenience of being able to access the latest bestseller or required reading on

EBook Reader for children

EBook readers for children have been largely ignored. The market for e-reader has grown by leaps and bounds, but the vast majority of devices have been designed for adults. Not a lot of thought seems to have been given to what is potentially an important market: children