Sony PRS-T1 eReader Review

Doctor’s waiting rooms are all the same. You wait for ages, all the magazines are out of date, and you’re left twiddling your thumbs waiting to be seen. It’s not just the doctors either. Dentists, having tires changed, seeing a lawyer, all involve sitting and waiting a lot longer than anticipated. You need a book to read. But books are cumbersome and awkward to carry round, so why not invest in a Sony┬«PRS-T1 eReader?

This eReader is the perfect companion on those long waits. It is one of the lightest eBook readers and its small size make it very mobile friendly and usable wherever you go.

Sony PRS-T1 eReader Review

Sony PRS-T1 eReader Review


The Main Features and Benefits of the Sony PRS-T1

1. 6″ totally glare free touch screen, enabling you to be able to read in direct sunlight.
2. Built in wi-fi meaning you don’t need to connect to a computer to download books.
3. Easy to choose books and magazines on the device at the Reader Store.
4. 2GB of memory, space for well over 1200 titles.
5. Built in mp3 player, enabling you to listen to audio books or to music.
6. Ability to borrow books, just like at a library.
7. Don’t know what a word means? Simply press on the word with your finger and watch the definition come up, under your fingertips.
8. Read books from a variety of different formats, including the standard epub file format.
9. You can buy ebooks anywhere and be able to read them on this device.

This Sony PRS-T1 eReader review also highlights the main difference between the Sony and Amazon’s Kindle. The basic difference is that the Sony can read the epub format book. This is the industry standard for books, it is like the mp3 of literature. The Kindle is unable to read this format, and this gives the Sony an edge over the Kindle. Because of this, you are free to shop for books anywhere you like, and not restricted to just Amazon.

The ebook reader also provides you with the ability to download books from your public library, as well as from Google public domain books.

The interface with this reader is very simple and works extremely well. The screen is a touch screen system, which allows you to change pages, zoom in, or select the title you want to read. It is solely an ebook reader, and so doesn’t offer the ability to take notes as some more expensive models do, but if it’s purely for reading novels, it is perfect.

If black is not your choice, you may consider Pearl Red and White.

There are also some possibilities for a Sony eReader discount, in which you can save a great deal off the retail price of this reader.


It is a very good ebook reader and a serious alternative to the Amazon Kindle. The ability to read the standard ePub ebook format with no file conversion gives it an advantage and it also means you are not restricted to just Amazon. This Sony PRS-T1 eReader review recommends this reader to someone who just wants the ability to read any ebook with the minimum of fuss.

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