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Sony PRS-T1 eReader Review

Doctor’s waiting rooms are all the same. You wait for ages, all the magazines are out of date, and you’re left twiddling your thumbs waiting to be seen. It’s not just the doctors either. Dentists, having tires changed, seeing a lawyer, all involve sitting and waiting a

Kindle vs Nook vs iPad vs Sony Reader

A lot of readers have asked me which my ebook reader is. Personally, I have a Kindle 3 myself and I love reading on it. I have collected some info and comparison among Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and iPad. I will have my own analysis later. Please

Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader PRS 3?

In general, both Kindle and Sony Reader have some similar technologies in terms of technologies have to know the E Ink screen, sort of processor, memory and storage methods storage medium such as flash memory cards. Each can help readability related features zoom and built-in fonts. Sony

Buy Kindle eBook Reader

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader The is the coolest gift for Christmas! It uses the latest technology of electronic paper that looks like the real thing! Smaller than your average magazine capable of holding more than 1500 pounds, it is easy to why it is the favorite this