Selecting the Best eBook Reader for You

An electronic ebook reader comparability could be the starting point for just about any of us who would like to get a brand new gadget much like the Amazon Kindle 2011. Yet, with many units available, how can you approach finding the right selection for you? This is a guide to the main specifications to look out for.

What Do You Require From a portable eReader?

Previous to even delving into features, realize that there are now several different varieties of transportable gadgets offered. Is an ebook reader device good for you? Or perhaps a tablet personal computer could be a lot more helpful for a larger selection of purposes on the go? If you want a thing that appears to be very like an authentic publication as possible, an ereader is the best option.

eBook Reader Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions are essential for virtually any electronic book reader evaluation, because they affect what size the actual display is going to be. The great thing is, however, that many ereaders enable you to modify typeface dimensions so that you’re comfy looking at monitors of any size. The extra weight ought to be about that of a real paperback, to help you carry it in comfort.

Space for Storing

Luckily, storage space is not as much of an issue on an Amazon Kindle as it could be on a tablet personal computer, considering that guides are incredibly small files. Many e book readers can keep several thousand publications, which can be a lot more than the majority of us actually require. That said, if you’re considering saving other documents then storage is a lot more vital. Regarding complete convenience, opt for a reader that comes with a good SD memory card slot.

eReader Screen Type (Coloration Versus. e-Ink)

The earliest ereaders were all in grayscale (e-Ink): made to look as much like genuine paper as possible. More modern readers, however, may also come in color such as Kindle Fire. To put it briefly, opt for color if you don’t mind being unable to read in natural light, yet wish faster page turns and much better images. Choose e-Ink if you want to read in brilliant natural light and prevent eyestrain.

Internet Access

Now you know you definitely want an ebook reader, it’s time to look at web options. Within your electronic book reader comparability you will probably discover readers without any capability to connect with the ‘net, those that connect with Wi-Fi hot spots, and people who can connect by way of 3G wherever you are. Wi-Fi is the most common, and you will have to spend extra for a 3G unit. Luckily, nevertheless, companies like Amazon won’t impose a fee for connecting to 3G on the Kindle, which is a huge benefit for many people.

Life Of The Battery

Not one of us would like to disrupt our reading whenever we realize that the Kindle has run out of power! Electronic book readers are apt to have an amazing battery life, lasting as long as a month. Bear in mind that battery life is severely decreased if you are connected to the web.

eReader File Types and eBook Retailers

Lastly, any electronic book reader evaluation will need to take into account the data format of the electronic books the unit can support such as ePub, pdf, and AZW. Unfortunately, there isn’t any widespread structure over all the book readers. Make certain that the shop for your gadget offers adequate publications (though be aware that it is possible to convert files in order to order from various other shops).


Finding your best eBook Reader is not that hard as you think. There are many options in the market. I’d suggest you to check out our demos and in-depth Kindle Fire Review and Kindle Touch Review.

If you like to compare Kindle and Nook eReaders, these would be your great reference Kindle Fire vs Nook Color and Kindle Touch vs Nook Touch.

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