Read An In Depth Assessment Of The Kindle 3

With Kindle 3 being the most recent Kindle, it set out to beat the competition including iPad, eReader and The Nook vis costs and features. Kindle 3 review will be shared here to compare it’s superb enhancements over the second generation Kindle two.

Size and Weight
Kindle 3 truly is 21% smaller and 17% lighter than its previous Kindle two model. The six” display size still remains. This has seriously reinforced Kindle’s portability and outclasses all of its other competitors in the similar class. With only 8.7 ounces in weight, Kindle 3 can be read nicely with only 1 hand as it is even lighter than a typical paperback and slimmer than a magazine.

Battery Life
Kindle two battery lifespan is about 14 days without wifi. The new Kindle 3 has definitely pushed its battery life further to a longer period of a month without wifi connection. Actually, its battery life-span may be even longer than its official stated specifications.

Screen Display And Size
This third generation of the six inch Kindle reader has the same improvement of over 50% contrast than any other e-reader for perfect reading experience. Kindle 3 can be read with the latest, high contrast E-ink for the sharpest texts and photographs. With this latest display feature the reading experience will be virtually the same as reading a printed book. It’s screen display is also much sharper and more natural with no glare or back-light. So it is even more comfy to read now on Kindle than reading on a P. C. screen. Those that use Kindle 3 for the 1st time will adore it at the 1st sight.

Apart from having a better display quality, it’s font technology has improved to make pages turn quicker with even sharper fonts. This improved feature has led on to making the words and letters more crisp, clear and natural looking. Kindle 3 also comes with two additional font options of condensed Caecilia and Sans Serif. It also allows a broader range of characters like Cyrillic used in Russian, Tajik, Bulgarian and lots of other languages like Japanese [*COMMA] Normal Chinese, Greek and and so on.

Storage, Radio Connectivity And Price
Kindle 3 now has a bigger 4GB of internal flash memory for storing around 3,500 books. This is more than double the Kindle 2′s storage capacity. In a similar way to Kindle two it has eliminated external memory chip storage. For Kindle 3 both 3G and Wi-Fi option pricing at US$189, it’s faster 3G connectivity has removed the necessity for a massive internal buffer storage. It can now also use its neighboring 3G Wi-Fi hotspots for faster download speed and also to download items without telco coverage. For Kindle 3 with only Wi-Fi option it costs only US $139 and is 0.2 oz lighter which matches the expectancies of budget conscious book readers.

Other Kindle 3 Features
Kindle 3 has similar social features for supporting Facebook and Twitter integration. It’s also got voice accessible menus along with a text-to-speech feature which makes Kindle a fully accessible gadget which can quite easily be employed in a study room.

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