Progressive eBook Readers in 2010

There no doubt that e-book readers are growing in popularity, but is considered by many as sales set to a background level as most potential users to wait for technology to improve. Although many would like the convenience of an eBook reader and the ability to load a library of books in a single machine, they prefer to wait for improvements in e-ink technology and e-paper, and also in eReaders quality.

Many feel that if the Kindle is the best, then it is they prefer to wait. However, they might not be waiting too long, because many companies who believed that portable eBook readers have a customer niche, at best, are preparing their own version of a technology that turns out to have a greater demand.

It looks like the sale of electronic books are going to rocket in 2010, when the bustling activity of sales and development planned for the year is anything to go by. It seems that many of the problems consumers have with e-books and readers are taken into account, and that development is not only confined only to produce bigger and better machines, but also new technology peak. So what’s in store for you if you’re looking at the pros and cons of eReaders against reality?

Barnes & Noble NOOK ebook reader (WiFi + 3G)[B&W]

  • Barnes & Noble brand ebook reader: Nook
  • E Ink main display with 16-level gray scale [B&W]
  • Color touchscreen navigation panel

The devices themselves are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with companies like Plastic Logic and Barnes and Noble enter the arena. The latter has just unveiled its “meal”, which, with its multitouch screen color seems warm enough to hit the Kindle from its pedestal. Plastic Logic is entering the market with an eReader based business with 3G proReader connectivity.

The Plastic Logic will be shown to the public at Consumer Electronics Show January 7, 2010 in Las Vegas. With its 8.5 x 11-inch touchscreen, the AS is the first true eReader, allowing users to read PDF files, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. As has been described in the article “, the screen is not only unbreakable, but no loss of capacitive sensitivity of such screens often show layers (Readers of books). “The proReader THAT improves business performance and gives you a competitive advantage,” according to Plastic Logic CEO Richard Archuleta.

In a market currently dominated by Amazon’s Kindle, the two computer giants Apple and Microsoft is said to work separately on a shelf that also offer multifunctional computer and multimedia features to their customers. Sony is also rapidly improving their range and the new eReader eBook reader DR800SD IREX is in line to help with the problem of size with 8.1 inches.

Many potential users were put off by the screen size of earlier products and these new products + 8 inches are starting to look very attractive to them. However, apart from the wireless connectivity and increasing screen sizes larger, what else should we look for in 2010?

Screen size was not the only problem with the newspapers, although some of them will be solved by 3G technology offers the possibility to update quickly without needing a hard connection. In fact, the concept of digital newspapers is attractive to many people and it is certainly respectful of the environment. Add to that the savings in costs printing and distribution and it is hardly surprising that most newspapers are planning more tests based on a subscription model and 3G digital.

Future material could mean thin, rollable display that converts a large number of people who prefer currently the magazine and the tabloid format. However, given that the news is available free online, e-news experience have to offer something special beyond anything that can be found on any computer laptop or palm computer.

Perhaps the new product developed by Asus could meet the needs of everyone. eReader This, they say twins color touchscreens that open like a hardcover book, thereby fulfilling one of complaints that reading e-book readers with a page open at once affects the reading experience. The eReader will also be a speaker, microphone and webcam, allowing Skype videocall.

In fact, Amazon better shape because word has it that Asus is cheaper than the Kindle, and with all the extra features is likely to pass it in sales. 2010 could see a sea-shift in mass popularity, especially if Amazon and Seiko have been resting on their laurels a bit. There’s no time anymore because the next 12 months will see a massive influx in R & D and development of existing products.

Another lashings of true book lovers is the appearance of printing. E-ink has come a long way to solve this problem, and the further development of the ink and e-paper technology by companies other than Prime View International simply lead to improvements in the appearance of text eBook reader and as prices for equipment. Early 2010 will bring more competition in the technology that will benefit the pockets of customers and their reading experience.

As the popularity of such devices is growing, computer and cell phone manufacturers offer their own equivalent, based on 3G technology and utilizing the best e-ink and e-paper technology at their disposal. Devices will become big, but still Portable, which will involve rollable display in connection with the restriction of the screen size of mobile devices. A growing number of touchscreen devices offer throughout 2010, although a color screen will probably not be generally available until ‘the following year.

You will also see the stores to reserve a space only for readers of eBooks and related technologies. So far, this equipment was hidden among other miscellaneous electronic applications, but it is now recognized as an important technology that deserves its own promotions.

Finally, remember to Asia! 2010 will also likely see a significant increase in e-book readers cheap from China, Taiwan and other Asian countries . However, it will be on the screen and ink technology, and the range of books, magazines, newspapers and possibly available to users who will eventually make a distinction between those who sell e-books and those who do not.

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