Plastic Logic eBook Reader WHAT: The new kid on the block

The new kid on the eBook reader is ONLY by Plastic Logic. Pronounced like the letter ‘Q’, this has not yet been launched, and appears to be an innovation in technology eReader in the features and capabilities it is claimed to offer: they will be detailed later.

For now, however, THAT seems to be the first of a new generation of electronic books to be launched in 2010 by the companies expect to see the best that Amazon could produce. Kindle DX is seriously challenged by the AS, but how do prices compare? The answer is that we do not know yet, because plastic Digital has not announced and the price of their products. However, it appears that steps are taken for us to expect a much higher price than the Kindle or any consumer oriented book reader.

The Kindle would still be in place ready for attack by the company was convinced that e-books have been the experience of reading the future. The same is true eReading creations by Sony and any other company that rested on his laurels. AS Plastic Logic is a step beyond anything we’ve seen so far, and no doubt there will be many steps beyond.

Do not be too worried about the predicted high price: Any company that publicly states that its new product targeting the enterprise market eReaders rather than ordinary consumers is either trying to extract a high price for their product or something really light years ahead of the Kindle or PRS-700. Material primarily designed for the business market will probably be a better reading experience than any other eReader.

There is evidence that AS is not a serious competitor to eReader normal. The fact that Barnes & Noble are selling than in their own shops alongside their own meals indicates that perhaps there is a significant difference in the intended use -! And certainly in the price of B & N to accept this agreement with Plastic Logic

There is no doubt that THAT is ahead of Sony and Amazon products, the extent to which the front is up to you. It is extremely thin to begin with, and its 8.5 x 11-inch Kindle DX beats hands down. In fact, the screen is not only unbreakable, but no loss of capacitive sensitivity of such screens often show layers. He did not need a stylus, and also offers 3G and WLAN. However, a large low is that it uses AT & T 3G!

Plastic Logic say they do not compete with the Kindle, which can only mean that it is not intended for the consumer market. While this eReader is the corporate market only then it is likely to command a high price businesses, and is not intended for reading mags or showbiz popular fiction, but spreadsheets, reports and minutes of AGM. It will essentially be set easily read eReader format which would otherwise have been separated from the printed sheets that should have been distributed to each individual. A file distributed computing against the tens or hundreds of sheets of paper photocopied or printed. As has been noted in the article “New generation of e-readers Helps protect the environment”, known as the green play reduces the footprint of an individual carbon literary intertwining human interaction and duration life of the planet as well as a favorable level (Readers of books).

Take notice that the AS will be launched on the market to enjoy – and that’s a pretty safe assumption to make. Its competition is the current technology: Cool-er and the Kindle, for example. They are not technologically demanding standards to beat, especially because the eBook reader market was not demanding to date. Now, however, consumers are starting to sit up and notice the benefits of electronic books, as a comfort and an environmental perspective. The battle is on.

So where Plastic Logic figure when we assume that Amazon, Sony, Apple and Microsoft will take notice and start working on something other than what has so far been a product to meet the requirements of a relatively small niche market? In fact, surprisingly well! It reads the business formats such as PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and Word, and you can even edit MS Office documents on the screen.

Unlike the Kindle, THAT allows users to jump on the documents between them, an important business requirement. In fact, it seems that once Plastic Logic product launches, they have few, if any, competitors in the market for commercial eReader. The company has signed content partnerships with a number of publishers such as Barnes and Noble (which supplies the store), the Financial Times, USA Today, Zinio and Ingram Digital plus others.

It should be obvious why THAT Digital claims the plastic does not compete with the Kindle. In fact, it should be the opposite: it is impossible that the Kindle could compete with THAT in the enterprise market. There’s just one problem though: it has not yet been launched, and everything we’ve read so far are more than promises. However, if the AS addresses these promises, while others have a long way to go to compete for commercial business eReader.
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