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Kindle Keyboard 3G Review

It’s time to get your annual well visit, but you know you’ll be waiting a while at the doctors til it’s your turn. The magazines they have in the waiting room are always at least 6 months out of date and boring. If only you could take

Best Kindle Fire Review

If you are looking for an affordable tablet, you should read this Kindle Fire Review. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is at the top of the list and will be available for shipping in the United States today. The Kindle Fire is the first in its series to have

Best NOOK Tablet Covers and Cases

What are Nook Tablet Covers? They are simply cases that keep your Nook tablet, safe secure and well protected. There are a multitude of Nook Tablet covers available and each offers something special or unique. They are very stylish and made from materials to enhance your Nook as

NOOK Simple Touch review

This Nook Simple Touch review will have a look at Barnes & Noble’s latest ebook reader. It is the ebook reader that perhaps the original Nook should have been. Sporting a new E Ink display system that not only makes it the easiest screen to read, but