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What are the Best Free Kindle Books?

The Kindle is the original and best ebook reader range on the market, and has a variety of different models available depending on budget and requirements. In all, there are six different versions of the Kindle from the basic ebook reader up to the tablet like Kindle

Best Kindle Reading Light: Types, Benefits and Usage

Kindle reading light is highly beneficial for illuminating your Kindle screen. E-ink technology is used in Amazon Kindle screen for displaying text and pictures of books, blogs, and magazines. If you use the Kindle in darkness, you need a Kindle light. As the screen lacks backlit, it

Best Kindle Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

The Kindle is the original and still the best series of ebook readers on the market today. With access to millions of books, and other media sources, it’s little wonder why many consider Kindle gift ideas for mothers day. Not only are the readers good, but there’s

Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight Honest Review

This Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight review will look at the Barnes and Noble’s new feature on their basic ebook reader device. For the first time ever, on any dedicated ebook reading device comes a built in glow light for night time reading. This negates any need