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Finally Ebook readers make their breakthrough

It is never really a matter of time before mainstream market. In struck by the fact if anything, we should be surprised that it took all this time. Since iTunes was launched so successfully in 2004, other forms of media have risen rapidly in the digital stream

Why an eBook Reader?

People who love reading, love books. They like the weight of the book in their hands, the feel of turning pages thumbs and even the smell of them. Book lovers may be hesitant to try, e-book readers, however, have many advantages traditional paper book. EBook players are

Ebook readers phones exploded in popularity as the iPod?

It seems like MP3 players like the iPod has always been popular. Walk through any city and you’re likely to see people, young and old, with the familiar white headphones in their ears. Since our society is evolving at such a digital format and downloaded, can we