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Choosing an eBook reader – Why Format must come first

Buying ebook reader is very exciting! Finally, you can take your books with you anywhere in a practical, small device. Before you begin, you must be very careful about what kind of ebook reader, you should get. There are different ebook formats out there that are supported

Which is the best ebook reader alive handling and battery?

Wanted buying new Foxit Reader Ebook Eslick I found a good and smart as I read here Eslick low cost Foxit Reader Ebook on its specifications and I am interested in buying Ebook Reader but I can find no information on battery life and handling so please

EBook Readers and their little brothers and sisters

Ebook readers are now available from a number of manufacturers and in different formats for PCs, mobile phones and PDA systems. Two of the most popular ebook reader Amazon’s Kindle and Sony, although competition is increasing, mainly due to the failure of Amazon to dominate their niche