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Amazon’s Kindle Reader Keeps Selling Well

Some months ago, Amazon announced that they were selling more Kindle books than hardbacks.Now they have advised that their Kindle books are outselling paperbacks. It can only be a matter of time before Kindle book sales are higher than both hardbacks and paperbacks combined. It has a

Cybook Gen3 ebook reader review

The Cybook ebook or also known as Gen3 eBook reader is made for easy reading and the device itself is ideally suited because it is lightweight, ultra thin and completely portable. The screen reduces eyestrain all because it has a screen like a paper. It is also

The 2 best players of th

Looking for the best ebook reader is extremely difficult, especially when you do not have all the information in one place, and you have to pick through numerous review sites. Before you commit to buy an eReader let me share all material facts and impressions eReader, then