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Amazon Kindle Touch 2 Rumor Roundup

Amazon is going to announce new generations of Kindle Fire and Kindle at a press event at in Los Angeles, CA on Sept 6, 2012. I am very excited and look forward to what Amazon has cooked up in the last year. No doubt, Kindle Touch 2

Kindle 5 Rumors

The 5th generation Kindle will be announced on Sept 6,2012 in California. The new ones are going to be exciting as in the last year. Can’t believe, it’s already the 5th gen Kindle; Check out the previous ones if you like at Kindle Wiki. I love reading

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Rumor Roundup

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will be announced around the corner. The first version was announced back to the end of Sept 2011 last year. There are features in my wish-list and I hope Kindle Fire 2 will satisfy many of them: 1. High Resolution Screen (1280 x