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Benefits Of eReaders

One of the most typical pitfalls that digital product clients get into is that of support. It can be device support or file format support ( or the dearth thereof ) that usually gives digital product shopper a headache. Now, you would have thought that with the

Ebook readers for regular readers

Are you an avid reader? You have a burning desire to always have on hand books, and eat voraciously. Getting an ebook reader can help satisfy your desires constantly running to the library or bookstore. Choose a portable ebook gives you the flexibility to take your collection

Ematic 7-Inch TFT Color eBook Reader Review

Ematic 7-Inch TFT Color eBook Reader Review is your must-read when you decide buying one yourself. It’s a great ebook option comparing to the popular Kindle and Nook ebook readers. With right below $100, what would you ask for? It’s a color 7″ ebook reader that you

The Best Kindle eBook Reader Reading Light

I’m still finishing my loved book reading on my bed. Oops it’s already mid-night. My partner is sleeping and I don’t want to disturbing him/her by turning a room or table light. Now, you really need a Kindle eBook Reader reading light. Why do you need an