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Nook Color Reviews

Nook Color has been in the market for a while and I am attaching some Nook Color great Demos and Reviews for your reference. Nook Color Review Part One Part one of our in-depth video review of the new nook color from Barnes & Noble. Check out

NOOK Touch EBook Reader Review

Nook Touch Ebook Reader Review is your next Nook Touch Buying Guide. Nook Touch was introduced recently after Nook Color is out in the market. I’d say this is a nice upgrade to Nook 1st edition. Nook Touch is Barnes & Noble another strike to get the

Read An In Depth Assessment Of The Kindle 3

With Kindle 3 being the most recent Kindle, it set out to beat the competition including iPad, eReader and The Nook vis costs and features. Kindle 3 review will be shared here to compare it’s superb enhancements over the second generation Kindle two. Size and Weight Kindle

Kindle 3G Discount

Kindle 3G Discount is $139 at Amazon this moment. I wish I had gotten this price when I got mine one in the beginning this year. It was $189. Why should you get 3G instead of Wifi Only which is $114? Although there is $25 difference, I