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Ematic 7-Inch TFT Color eBook Reader Review

Ematic 7-Inch TFT Color eBook Reader Review is your must-read when you decide buying one yourself. It’s a great ebook option comparing to the popular Kindle and Nook ebook readers. With right below $100, what would you ask for? It’s a color 7″ ebook reader that you

Kindle vs Nook vs iPad vs Sony Reader

A lot of readers have asked me which my ebook reader is. Personally, I have a Kindle 3 myself and I love reading on it. I have collected some info and comparison among Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and iPad. I will have my own analysis later. Please

Ebook readers Application comparison

Three of the more prominent ebook reader on our platform of choice is Stanza, eReader and the Amazon Kindle App. I am a big book reader, the type associated with real paper, but I’m not against playing on my iPod Touch as well, especially when faced with