Options Ebook Reader – which is best for you?

If you’re a lover of old books in their purest form (paper), you may have avoided ebook readers and the digital book revolution. Yet it is hard to beat the convenience of having a thousand titles at your fingertips, especially if you go on vacation and the purse or suitcase space is limited. Perhaps it is time to follow suit and give the technology a chance!

If you’re ready to try an ebook reader, you have several options. Take a look at Kindle Amazon, Barnes and Noble the meal, and the Sony Reader.

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Amazon Kindle

The Kindle has been around for a while, and there are some different versions at different prices for you to choose. The Kindle lets you download books from Amazon, as well as magazines and newspapers, all wireless, which means you do not need to connect and synchronize your ebook reader to your computer.

Most ebooks are available and affordable (especially if you’re used to buy these books bound pricy as they emerge) with best-selling running about $ 9.99 U.S. and many books Earliest available for less. You can even find freebies, you can download the library of the Amazon.

The down is that you can buy ebooks Library Amazon Kindle and does not yet support the new industry standard for ebooks (ePub).

Currently, the 6 basic “screen costs $ 259 Kindle, and Kindle inflated DX (10″ screen) is $ 489. Readers may contain ebooks 1500-3500 respectively.

Barnes and Noble Nook

A relatively new competitor in the market ebook reader, the Barnes and Noble Nook is associated with their store, but it also has support ePub (that means you can buy ebooks from other stores, too). Like the Kindle, it allows you to wirelessly download books, and it has a unique feature that lets you share your downloads with other players for a maximum of two weeks. Nook 1500 ebooks stores.

So far, reviews have been mixed, but it is likely improvements will come with future models of this ebook reader. The cost of current drive is $ 259.

Sony Reader

With more than five years in the ebook reader, Sony has some experience, and it shows with their intelligent devices and well designed. Their current offerings are the pocket reader ($ 180), the Reader Touch ($ 300), and the Sony Reader Daily Edition ($ 380).

Their readers support multiple file formats, including PDF and ePub, and they also provide access to all free public domain titles in Google Book Search Library (lots of classics and ancient books available here) .

If keep you longer, the future will probably bring you even more options. For example, Apple is rumored to work on an ebook reader. And, of course, there are other options there are small manufacturers, so look around before making your final decision!

The author is a book (and ebook) fan, writer of short stories for children, and lover of science fiction and fantasy. If you share similar interests, follow her on Twitter and check out her stories!

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