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Kindle and Nook Cyber Monday Deals 2013

Let us go over Kindle and Nook Cyber Monday Deals 2013 today. Welcome back to work and normal life after the Thanksgiving Long weekend. Nook Cyber Monday Deal One Day ONLY $40 off NOOK Simple Touch, available only for $39! Available online & in-stores, while supplies last.

Selecting the Best eBook Reader for You

An electronic ebook reader comparability could be the starting point for just about any of us who would like to get a brand new gadget much like the Amazon Kindle 2011. Yet, with many units available, how can you approach finding the right selection for you? This

Compare Kindle Touch vs NOOK Simple Touch

When deciding which eReader works best for a particular individual, it is best to compare Kindle Touch vs NOOK Simple Touch. These two electronic eReaders are the newest and most popular E-ink eReaders available today. It is easy and convenient to access any book for pleasure or

Compare Kindle Fire vs NOOK Color

It’s going to a big battle for Kindle Fire vs Nook Color. Nook Color has been in the market for couple months and have been getting some attraction. $249 price point was a great start as an Android eBook tablet. Some users could even wipe it out