NOOK Touch EBook Reader Review

Nook Touch Ebook Reader Review is your next Nook Touch Buying Guide. Nook Touch was introduced recently after Nook Color is out in the market. I’d say this is a nice upgrade to Nook 1st edition.

Nook Touch is Barnes & Noble another strike to get the market share from Amazon Kindle Empire. This is the first E Ink ebook reader coming with touchscreen feature. With $139 price point, they introduced a touchscreen 6″ easy to use ebook reader. Nowadays, most of tablets support touch gestures. I have a Kindle 3 myself. I was wondering if I really need to have touchscreen for reading books.NOOK Touch EBook Reader Review

Nook touch would let you to flip pages, look up dictionary, high-light sentences, adjust the font size and style with your fingers. Please be aware that it’s not multi-touch as your iPad or iPhone. The 6″ screen is built with E Ink Peal technology which is clear and crisp as printed page book. Nook Touch Ebook Reader Review is a nice choice.

It’s under 8 ounces and 0.5 inch thick only. It could hold up to 1000 books, newspaper and magazines. Its battery life is the longest, which hold up to 2 months with one full charge. B&N electronic bookstore has over 2 million titles, thousands are free, you have the whole library on the go with you.

Fast PageTM is an innovative feature that you could hold the “page turn” button on the screen and let you to scan and flip through pages quickly. Its Wifi feature lets  you to connect at B&N Stores, 24,000 AT&T hotspots, and your home wireless network. At B&N, you could even read all the books FREE with Nook.

Cons: although there are new features that you can’t have with Kindle 3, I would still miss 3G network availability (means you could download and get anywhere you have network). Also sometimes I like to have one hand operation, with Kindle 3, I could hold the reader and next page button either with my left or right hand.

With $139 price point, I could either get a cheaper Kindle 3G with a cover, or go for other low price Android Tablet as an ebook reader.

In conclusion,  is touchscreen necessary or something that you have been waiting for your ebook reader? Nook Touch Ebook Reader Review is something that you should look into if you don’t have an ebook reader yet.

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