Nook Tablet vs Nook Color Comparison

The Nook Tablet vs Nook Color is an interesting comparison to look at. The Nook is Barnes & Noble’s answer to Amazon’s Kindle, and where Barnes really has the upper hand over Amazon is a superior amount of books available, and it uses the more generic and useable .pub format among others. But this review is all about the two top of the range ebook readers from Barnes & Noble, the Nook Tablet and the Nook Color.

Nook Tablet vs Nook Color

Nook Tablet vs Nook Color

To begin with, it would be most logical to see what main features the two devices have in common and then identify the differences after.

1. VividView 7″ full color touchscreen, arguably the most advanced in the world.
2. Screen has 16 million colors and reduced glare and reflection.
3. Eight different text sizes and six fonts.
4. Wi-fi and free access at all Barnes & Noble stores and all AT&T hotspots.
5. Same physical size (although the Nook Tablet is slightly lighter).
6. Largest supplier of digital books and magazines available.
7. Access to thousands of apps, games, email and the internet (with built in Flash).
8. Access to Pandora internet radio.
9. Android powered.
10. Reading can be done in portrait or landscape orientation.
11. Micorsoft Office support (Excel, Word & Powerpoint).

Nook Color vs Nook Tablet Difference

Now, let’s take a look at the Nook Color vs Nook Tablet differences:

The first major difference between the two is that the Nook Tablet is actually a tablet. As well as the ability to do all the things the Nook Color can do, it has the added advantage of being able to display movies and tv shows. Netflix and Hulu Plus are already pre-loaded and all you need to do is sign up to either service and have access to thousands of movies.

The Nook Tablet supports Netflix video up to 720p and sideloaded video up to 1080p while rendering at the 1024 x 600 mark. It is a very viable option for watching movies.

Because of this ability, the Nook Tablet has a more powerful processor (1Ghz dual processor compared to 800Mghz single processor), has twice the amount of memory (1gb vs 512mb) and twice the amount of storage space (16gb compared to just 8gb). Both systems support the ability to use a 32gb micro SD card to expand the base storage space.

Another difference in this Nook Tablet vs Nook Color comparison is the battery life. The Tablet has a reading battery life of 11.5 hours compared to just 8 hours on the Color.

The Tablet is also able to support up to 9 hours of video watching. Although nowhere near the battery power of the black ink version of the Nook, the battery life should be more than sufficient for most people’s needs.

Of course, there is a difference in price, the Nook Tablet is more expensive than the Nook Color, but the $50 price difference isn’t a lot. And certainly compared to the iPad, the cost is a lot less, which makes both systems a very attractive proposition or alternative.


The Nook Tablet vs Nook Color has identified many of the benefits and features of both, while also highlighting the extra options on the Tablet, the choice is now for you to make, which one will serve you best.

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