The Nook Tablet Review You Need to Know

Today Nov 7, Barnes & Noble just announced Nook Tablet that their answer to Amazon Kindle Fire and we are doing Nook Tablet Review right the way.

Nook Tablet Review

Nook Tablet Review

This review is to shed light on the Nook Tablet, the fastest and lightest in tablet technology. You can call it sort of a Nook Tablet review of such thus giving the necessary stuff you need to know about the product. The technology has been fast progressing that we are now in the world of innovative techie gadgets.

The touchscreen trend has been on demand nowadays that every tech brand and company has been incorporating it to their products. The Nook Tablet is no different from the next touchscreen tablet in terms of use and innovation; it is just made on a different level for the users to have good experience with it.

This B&N new tablet is 14.1 weighted which is lighter than Kindle Fire for 0.5 ounces.


Comparing to the previous Nook Color, it has 1 Ghz Dual-core Processor which is faster.

Storage and Memory

1Gb Ram and 16 GB internal Storage which is pretty standard to Tablets nowadays.


They claim it’s 11.5 hours for reading and 9 hours video watching in a single charge.

Check out the Nook Tablet Hands On Demo. It’s an awesome screen with great multimedia playback.


So, what are the main key features included in this Nook Tablet review?

- Nook Tablet boasts the feature for you to view HD movies, TV shows and also listen to music (from NetFlix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and more). This is to show that the Nook Tablet can be compatible to your favourite providers.

- The Nook Tablet also features the world’s most advanced VividView 7″ Touchscreen. Giving users the clear view and maximizing their enjoyment as well.

- Color Nook Tablet also gives you access to over 2.5 million books, magazines, comics & kids’ books. This satisfies the usersí reading fix and also gives access not only to adults but to kids as well.

- Nook Tablet gives you a lightning fast Email, Web & smooth streaming video in which allows you to navigate through your email or view web videos in a smooth way. This has been a concern to some tablet that is why Nook Tablet initiates this improvement for the users to enjoy.

- It can also cater to thousands of must-have apps like Angry Birds and Epicurious and gives the users the top notch entertainment they seek. We all know that one of the features of any tablet out there is to cater to games and Nook Table have it covered as well.

- This also features a 16 GB of memory and extra-long battery life while keeping it light and thin compare to other tablets in the market. This serves the users a longer time to enjoy the Nook Tablet.


Nook Tablet Movies and Music

Answering to Amazon Movies and Music Content Empire, Nook Tablet has pre-loaded these:

  • NextFlix and Hulu Plus (Free Trails included)
  • Rhapsody, MOG, Grooveshardk (Free Trails) and Pandora

The Verdict: Nook Tablet a Must Have!

I give this Nook Tablet review A+ grade for sure. Looking at what a tablet should do to make the users maximize their enjoyment, the Nook Tablet have covered all bases, from high quality viewing to unlimited possibilities in getting apps and games to ensure that the ìFun Factorî is evident.

I’m sure that some might say that a certain tablet can be better but we will not know for sure unless we tried it out for ourselves. The thing with tablets is that we often settle for what is more hyped and more popular to people thus giving us limited information on what a tablet should be.

I have a NOOK Color and am very impressed with this 2nd version upgrade. B&N makes great color eReaders and tablets. In my personal opinion, I would still go for Kindle Fire. Buying a tablet eReader is not about the tablet anymore, it’s about the CONTENT – ebooks, movies, music, web browsing, and games that I could consume with.

If you have previous Nook, you may consider getting Nook Tablet as you could get all purchased content transferred for FREE.

In this Nook Tablet review, I think I very much tackle some important facts that people should know and experience as well.

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