NOOK Simple Touch review

This Nook Simple Touch review will have a look at Barnes & Noble’s latest ebook reader. It is the ebook reader that perhaps the original Nook should have been. Sporting a new E Ink display system that not only makes it the easiest screen to read, but it is also a touch screen. This means no annoying dual interface system that original Nook had. You simply touch anywhere on the screen to do whatever you want it to do. You may be checking out with Kindle Touch, refer to our Kindle Touch vs NOOK Touch report as well.

NOOK Simple Touch Review

NOOK Simple Touch Review

What about tablets?

There is no doubt that the true best ebook readers are the one’s sporting the E Ink system and the like. Sure, devices like the iPad, ebook color readers like the Nook Color and Kindle Fire are great with their all singing and dancing displays and capabilities, but at the end of the day if you just want a device to read books on for hours on end, they really are not the best option. Why? Because staring at an LCD screen for hours on end will make your eyes tired.

This is where the Nook Simple Touch comes into its own. It uses the same great touch screen interface of the tablets, but it has the e Ink system meaning you can read without hurting your eyes and furthermore, you can read in direct sunlight too.

Some of the features and benefits for the Nook Simple Touch review:

1. E Ink display that replicates reading a regular book. Great for the eyes.
2. 6″ touchscreen means you simply point to what you want.
3. Adjustable font size making it even easier to read.
4. Lightweight and extremely portable. It’s lighter than your average paperback even.
5. Keep your place by synchronizing across a variety of devices. From your Nook Simple to your smart phone to your computer.
6. Super long battery charge, 2 months of reading on one charge.
7. Speedy refresh rate from page to page does not hinder your reading pleasure.
8. Access to Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest bookstore. Plus the ability to borrow books too.

Not to mention stylish covers to keep your Simple safe and sound from scratches and bumps.

This NOOK Simple Touch review will now highlight one other important advantage it has over the tablets. Its size, weight and easier portability. These factors mean you will be far more likely to use it out and about more. For women, it will fit in the purse far more easily than a tablet.

What else is good about it?

It comes with 2gb of memory, enough to store up to 1000 books, plus there is a slot to expand via microSD to go up to 32gb of memory. It also has built in wi-fi and will connect free of charge to the Barnes and Noble network in their stores.

Charging the device is via the usb cable, either by mains power or your computer. It is also possible to make your own screensaver with your own photos, just to personalize it a little more.

NOOK Simple Touch

NOOK Simple Touch

If you are really interested in buying it, look out for Nook Simple Touch discounts when you look to buy it. You could save more.

Customers were told to have a touch screen E Ink system would impair quality of display, but it seems the technology has improved, as the screen is perfect. To conclude this Nook Simple Touch review, it really is what the original Nook should have been.

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