Kobo Wireless eReader Reviews

Kobo wireless eReader reviews are the best place to start when considering an ebook reader. It is a great alternative to the Kindle or Nook, and offers the industry standard epub format, enabling the owner to purchase from a variety of different stores (except Amazon). This gives the owner more choice, a greater range of books and the chance to save money by comparing stores for book prices.

It uses the same e ink technology as the basic Kindle and Nook, allowing the user to be able to read outside in direct sunlight. Kobo Ebook Reader also comes with a lot of memory, which is also expandable allowing the owner to store their entire elibrary if they desire.

It also comes with one hundred pre loaded classic novels to give your library a head start.

Kobo eReader Technical Specifications

  1. 6 inch e Ink display
  2. 1GB of internal memory
  3. Expandable to 8GB
  4. Pre loaded with one hundred classic books
  5. Choice of font styles and sizes

Kobo wireless eReader reviews from existing users

Although Kobo wifi eReader is a basic ebook reader, many people have found this to be an advantage. When they want to read, they do not want to be distracted with other things that could take them away from their book. The fact that the web browser is basic, and it doesn’t have 3G are benefits according to some, because it makes the device very light to use, and easy to hold.

Kobo wireless ebook reader

Kobo wireless ebook reader

The epub format has enabled many to shop in other online book stores and search out their books for prices they are happy to pay. Furthermore, there are more titles to be found by not being confined to just one store, and several people found ebooks they would never have encountered had the Kobo been a one store wonder.

Many have suggested downloading Calibre, which is a free ebook management system to allow backups of your books to be stored on your PC and then easily transfer over to your Kobo as and when you want.

Kobo vs Kindle

It makes sense to compare it a little with the unofficial standard of ebook readers, the Kindle. As this Kobo has a five way navigation system, it is comparable to the basic Kindle. The Kobo is able to display a variety of file formats, as the Kindle can, with the exception of it being able to display the industry standard epub format.

This makes it more flexible than the Kindle in being able to display books from other stores without the need of conversion. Most other aspects of the two devices are quite comparable, although it is possible to physically expand the storage of the Kobo. The Kindle can only do this through Amazon’s Cloud storage, which you need an internet connection for.

It should be noted that this is a pure ebook reader, do not expect to be able to surf the web effectively, or play games on it. It is an ebook reader, and as such it does this extremely well. Overall, Kobo wireless ebook reader reviews shows that it is a well thought out device that does offer a good and positive alternative to the Kindle and Nook.

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