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Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4

In this Shopping Season, we have three new Kindle Models to choose from. Many readers have asked me what the difference is between Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4. There is $20 difference. We’d like to do the head-to-head comparison and let you know the Pros and Cons

Best Kindle Paperwhite Covers and Cases

With your new ordered Kindle Touch, you should get the best Kindle Paperwhite covers and cases.  You may ask which one I should order as there are so many options in the market. Sometimes too many options are not good for us, too much thinking and consideration.

Compare Kindle 3 Keyboard vs Kindle 4

With all the reading technology advancements that manufacturers are developing, it is overwhelming to compare the Kindle 3 vs Kindle 4 features. Companies are constantly releasing new electronic books for people to read on their Kindle 3 or Kindle 4 readers. Everyone wants to know the benefits

The Nook Tablet Review You Need to Know

Today Nov 7, Barnes & Noble just announced Nook Tablet that their answer to Amazon Kindle Fire and we are doing Nook Tablet Review right the way. This review is to shed light on the Nook Tablet, the fastest and lightest in tablet technology. You can call