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How to select Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

The most needed and useful accessory for the kindle are kindle fire covers and cases that are used to protect its screen. Although, the screen of the kindle fire is tough, it is wise to store your kindle in a cover that will insure it’s safety. There

Best Kindle Fire HD Games

Recently, there are Kindle Fire HD Games available. HD means they are high definition tailor-made for Kindle Fire, crystal clear playing on Kindle Fire TFT screen. In Average, they would cost a little more comparing to those Free Games, but they are worthy with great quality, sound

Compare Kindle Touch vs Kindle Keyboard

The Kindle Touch vs Kindle Keyboard matches up two similar devices, but both have their advantages and disadvantages over the other. Amazon’s Kindle was the original ebook device that took the world by storm. Since its inception, there have been many other companies copy catting it, and

Kindle Keyboard 3G Review

It’s time to get your annual well visit, but you know you’ll be waiting a while at the doctors til it’s your turn. The magazines they have in the waiting room are always at least 6 months out of date and boring. If only you could take