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Why Would You Choose Color eReader?

Over the past few years, book reading has become fashionable again, and especially to younger readers. The likes of Harry Potter, and more lately, The Hunger Games have both increased the desire to read. Also making a huge contribution to young and old readers are the innovation

Best Kindle Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

If you are in confusion to select a surprise gift for your father, think seriously about some Kindle gift ideas for fathers day. Can you find a perfect gift for your father other than Amazon’s Kindle? Just present him one, so that he can read his favorite

Kindle Ebook Format – You should know

What is the Kindle Ebook Format? The Kindle Ebook is the original and best ebook reader, and is able to read several different ebook formats, including its own. The formats it can read are: 1. AZW – This is its primary format, and was developed from the

What are the Best Free Kindle Books?

The Kindle is the original and best ebook reader range on the market, and has a variety of different models available depending on budget and requirements. In all, there are six different versions of the Kindle from the basic ebook reader up to the tablet like Kindle