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eBook Reader to satisfy the most powerful Avid Bibliophile

In these days, almost everything in this world is fundamentally changed by digital technology, even reading. If you are still buying hardcover and paperback and you want them to travel with you, the move would not be as simple as that. But if you have your own

Is Your Ebook Reader More Than Just an eBook reader?

ebook reader review An will normally tell you the features and advantages of the device that you want to but there is always something to be ignored. This may be because of space or simply because they are considered unimportant. There are standard features of the ebook

What to consider when you Compare eBook Readers

I have decided I’m going to buy the best ebook reader available this year for Christmas. Contrary to what you may think that many readers of ebooks available on the market does not fit all in the perception of what an ebook reader is about. Before you

EBook Readers Comparison and tablets

The recent rise ebook readers and the emergence of the Apple iPad has generated interest in other mobile gadgets as cell phones. Although the difference between the ebook reader and tablet has been somewhat compromised, in fact, both devices are very different. The fundamental difference between a