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Kindle Fire Hands On Experience

Amazon Kindle Fire is on demo and the interactive hand-on experience is awesome! Do you like this kind of Homescreen of your color tablet and ebook reader? The color is crystal clear and bright. Flipping the book cover is fun. Grab your Kindle today at this Killing price.

Kindle 4 Review

Kindle 4 Review is trying to “conclude” what Kindle 4 is. It’s not like Kindle 3 in 2010- one and only one shipped.  I was talking about the Kindle 4 Rumors. Indeed, this 2011 season, there are 4 new Kindle models available as gifts: Kindle 4 $79

Best Kindle Touch Review

Kindle Touch Review is finally on stage and the price is very attractive as $99 for Kindle Touch and $149 for Kindle Touch 3G. The touch interface is attractive and you could read your books with tapping and dragging gesture. With an intuitive interface design, you could tap back

How to borrow Kindle Books from my local public library

I just heard about this news that you could borrow Kindle books from the public library. Cool, isn’t it? How to borrow Kindle Books from my local library then? First of all, you need a Kindle Device or free Kindle Reading app on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad,