Kindle vs Nook Android App Comparison

Let us do a Kindle vs Nook Android App Comparison and Review. I agree that not everyone would have Kindle and Nook ebook readers, but an Android smartphone or tablet user can download Kindle and Nook Applications from the App Store (Market) and read the books on the same device.


1. You may carry your smartphone or tablet everywhere you go. If you read your Kindle and Nook while waiting in line, or killing a few minutes here and there.

2. They are free download. You don’t need to spend extra $100 to buy those ebook readers and carry an extra device.

3. They are just part of the phone application. You could switch to your device browser, music player, mobile games in between reading those Kindle or Nook books.


1. I assume that your Android device is in color screen, more glaze and light reflection comparing to the extra ebook reader.

2. Personally, I love the highlight feature and note taking in my Kindle 3 so much. It’s hard to do with your Android device.

3. Battery life is much shorter on Android devices. You may need to charge your device after a few hour reading straight, but not with my Kindle (battery lasts at least a week.) Below is a short video comparing both apps on the device:

In conclusion, if you have an Android device, go ahead and download both free Kindle vs Nook app to do your own comparison. You may find one prefer comparing to another one.

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