Compare Kindle Touch vs NOOK Simple Touch

When deciding which eReader works best for a particular individual, it is best to compare Kindle Touch vs NOOK Simple Touch. These two electronic eReaders are the newest and most popular E-ink eReaders available today. It is easy and convenient to access any book for pleasure or educational reading.

Kindle Touch vs Nook Touch

Kindle Touch vs Nook Touch

With a large 6” screen, the nook operates easily with a tap of the finger to shop for books, magazines and newspapers to read right away on the Nook Touch. This is done by accessing the shopping portal on the Nook and selecting a category or by simply typing in a keyword similar to looking for a book at a library.

The NOOK Simple Touch is very easy to operate and works over any Wi-Fi network. Same does Kindle Touch. However, there is no 3G version as Kindle Touch 3G.

No surprise, Kindle Touch is performing over Nook:

Check out the touch Reading experience on NOOK Touch:

The Nook Touch eReader can be adjusted to any specific need by adjusting the font size and style with a simple touch of the screen. The pages turn easily and can give the look and feel of a traditional book. With the E-Ink Pearl technology, the reader displays a clear, easy to read page even in direct sunlight. Kindle Touch does it too. It’s a draw game here!

The new Kindle Touch eReader is light weight and easy to carry around. It is lighter than a paperback book but will hold up to 1,000 books. Amazon Kindle Touch boasts a long battery life so there are no worries about the battery losing power while reading a book. Kindle Touch is from Amazon with well over 800,000 titles available from just a touch of the finger. Nook Touch is 7.48 ounces VERUS Kindle Touch is 7.5 ounces. Tie Game again!

Kindle Touch NOOK Touch
Display 6″ E ink, 600 x 800 pixel, 16 ppi 6 inch e-ink screen with 600 x 800 pixel
Size 6.8″ x 4.7″ x 0.40″
(172 mm x 120 mm x 10.1 mm)
6.5″(h)x 5.0″(w) x 0.47″(d)
Weight 7.5 ounces (213 grams) 7.48 ounces
On-device Storage 4 GB 2 GB with Expandable micro SD slot
Battery Life 2 months if wireless is off 2 months with Wi-Fi off
Supported eBook File Types AZW (Kindle), TXT, HTML, ODC, DOCX and PDF ePub and PDF
Supported Graphic File Types JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP

While reading on the Nook Touch, it is easy to adjust the font size to fit any need and to highlight text or bookmark the page. The Nook has smoother page turning than many other eReaders and with FastPage it is easy to scan through any book or periodical. It has built in page turn buttons to turn the page quickly to get to a particular spot.

buy kindle touch

buy kindle touch

Ergonomic Design

Compare Kindle Touch verus Nook Touch to determine which eReader is preferred. The main goal of the Kindle is to make the device appear like a physical book to get the full enjoyment of reading rather than trying to use an electronic device.

The Kindle has a nice ergonomic design to be comfortable and have the shape of a physical book. When the reader comes upon an unknown word, just tap the word and a dictionary definition appears. It is easy to highlight sections of text and send along to a friend. Dictionary feature is exclusively available on Kindle and it’s extremely helpful especially for foreigners.

New Technology

When comparing Kindle Touch vs Nook Touch, we should look into new technology. The reader can comfortably hold the Kindle Touch in one hand and still turn pages without swiping across the screen as in previous versions. This new technology is called EasyReach. Tapping on the majority of the screen area will turn the page ahead; tapping on the left margin will turn the page back. Tapping on the top margin of the screen will access toolbars for additional options. Kindle Wins here!

Buy NOOK Simple Touch

Buy NOOK Simple Touch

Network Connection

The Kindle Touch operates on a Wi-Fi connection. It is easy to access any book or periodical using a Wi-Fi or hotspot. Shopping and downloading an eBook can be done with the touch of a finger. The Kindle Touch uses E-Ink Pearl technology for a clear, crisp print that is easy to read. The Kindle Touch has access to eBooks on

There are benefits specific to Amazon that Kindle Touch users have access to. An example of an Amazon benefit would be storing books on the Amazon cloud. The Kindle holds several books, but the Amazon cloud is available to Kindle users. Kindle +1!

The Nook SimpleTouch (price dropped to $99) and the Kindle Touch are very similar eReaders. They both have similar technology that is trademarked. They both have the convenience of downloading millions of books to read electronically and store on the reader. Both eReaders have the same print technology and the ability to highlight text and send it to a friend.

The largest difference is personal preference as to which bookstore the user prefers to shop with. Both companies are very competitive. To determine the eReader of choice, compare Kindle Touch vs Nook Touch.

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