Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4

In this Shopping Season, we have three new Kindle Models to choose from. Many readers have asked me what the difference is between Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4. There is $20 difference. We’d like to do the head-to-head comparison and let you know the Pros and Cons between Kindle Touch and Kindle 4.

Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4

Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4

With Amazon recent unveilings of new gadgets iin the market, the Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4 will most
likely interest you. While there are a number of differences between Kindle Touch and Kindle 4, both have a 6-inch pearl screens and on-screen keyboards. These 2 devices take slightly different approaches to how e-readers function and how they are used in the age of post-keyboards.

The e-readers on the market have gotten stiff competition with the Kindle 4 on the market. This
multimedia slate comes at a very affordable price which most e-readers would find hard to beat. At $79 for the ad-supported version, the Kindle 4 weighs at just 6 ounces and comes with an impressive list of
accessibility options not previously available on the previous versions of the Kindle.

TitleKindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored ScreensaversKindle Touch, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers
Height0.34 inch0.4 inch
Weight0.37 pound0.47 pound
Width4.5 inch4.7 inch
Length6.5 inch6.8 inch
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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If you like touchscreens, then all you have to add is $20 and you have yourself the Kindle Touch for $99.
This is much lower compared to other touchscreen e-readers on the market such as the Nook, Kobo and Sony.
The new Kindle boasts a 5-way controller that includes the Home, Keyboard, Back and Menu buttons. If you
were a previous user of the Kindle 3, then you will still be able to turn pages using the page turn buttons located on each side of the Kindle.

Let us to have head-to-head comparison here. Both Kindle Touch and Kindle 4 are on Discount and Free Shipping.

When you compare this with the Kindle Touch, one obvious difference is the lack of physical buttons on
the Touch. The entire gadget is comprised of one large screen and that’s it. So how do you turn pages? Again, using a swiping motion on the screen or simply tapping the side of the screen right, left, backward or forward.

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Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4 Audio Difference

The Kindle 4 comes with no speakers which means that you don’t get the fancy text-to-speech features available on other devices. Amazon has also removed the headphone jack which means that the device cannot be able to playback MP3.

The Kindle Touch on the other hand comes with all the audio features you can ever need. It has an MP3 player, a text-to-speech functionality and will also help you listen to audio books on the go. In-built speakers on the device itself allow you to either listen directly or use a headphone jack that has also been made available.

The Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4 come in 2 versions each; ad-supported and the non-ad-supported. As you can
imagine, the non-ad-supported versions come at a higher price with the Kindle 4 going for about $109 and
the Touch for about $139.

Amazon however seems to favor the ad-supported versions considering that they plan to make more out
of book and ad-sales to pay for the hardware. A lot of attention has been given to the way you navigate and locate information using these devices. Locating information via search and the ability to purchase book sales has been a major focus. You can easily link to Archived Items, Sync information and store your
content easily.

Kindle 4 Pros and Cons

1. Light and small fitting in your pocket
2. Lowest price in the Kindle Family

1. No Speaker
2. No phonejack
3. No touchscreen if you prefer

Kindle Touch Pros and Cons

1. There is interactive Touch Screen
2. Audio Speaker and Earphone Jack are built-in

1. You can’t read and control with one hand. You probably need two hands – one for holding and another for touching the screen to flip pages.
2. No landscape mode that people prefer reading with.


In Conclusion, if you like touch screen interface for reading Kindle books, you should get Kindle Touch today. However, if you prefer simple button press and simplicity, definitely Kindle 4 is your pick. The Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4 comparisons simply help us determine what works for who and help you make an
informed decision on what to expect when you do finally make up your mind.

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