Best Kindle Touch Review

Beautiful Kindle Touch

Beautiful Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch Review is finally on stage and the price is very attractive as $99 for Kindle Touch and $149 for Kindle Touch 3G. The touch interface is attractive and you could read your books with tapping and dragging gesture. With an intuitive interface design, you could tap back and for by touching the left and right sides of the screen. Also you would drag the screen from one side to another side to turn pages.

This Kindle Touch is beautiful, stylish, and thin. You get to try it out and have fun touching the screen.

I really like the case color – metallic grey instead of the black and white boring color of Kindle 3. And you?

The best Kindle Touch Demo that you get to check out. Pre-order it with FREE shipping today.


Kindle Touch Review

Kindle Touch Review

Kindle Touch Review


This Kindle Touch review is for the latest eReader from There are two models offered: one with Wi-Fi and the other a 3G with Wi-Fi included. If you are looking for an eReader that is multifunctional and easy to use, this gadget is ideal. The item is available for presale and will start shipping them in November.

In these Kindle Touch reviews, four advantages are noted:

1. Easy to navigate

Kindle Touch uses a touch interface. With this EasyReach technology, readers can just tap the screen with their finger. For instance, to move the page forward, a reader can tap on the screen; tapping in a narrow area near the left edge of the Kindle Touch will turn to the previous page; bring up the toolbar for options by just tapping on the top part of the screen. The display also allows readers to hold the device with either hand while turning page comfortably and effortlessly. With the convenience of its virtual keyboard, it is easy to type in text or go shopping for books at

2. The design is ergonomic

The Kindle Touch is 6.8″ x 4.7″ x 0.40″ in size, and easily fits into a purse or briefcase. With the weight under eight ounces, it is comfortable while reading in any position like in bed, in a chair or at the beach. Additionally, the display of text is crisp and clear, just like reading from real paper. The screen reflects light making reading easy even in bright sunlight.


3. Advanced features

The Kindle Touch has many advanced features like:

• Search function for looking up words through the built-in dictionary, or through Google search on the web.

• A tool called “X-Ray” to enhance the reading experience. While reading, this tool allows readers to look up information without leaving the page.

• Battery that lasts up to two months on a charge.

• Audio that allows readers to listen to books, blogs, newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, it is easy to listen to music in the background while reading your favorite book.

• Can store up to 3,000 books. Furthermore the reader can get access to millions of other digital books and publications: some free as the copyrights have expired and others for under $ 10.

• Comes with back-up storage so the reader never loses any stored books.

• Touchscreen keyboard- some users prefer screen touching keyboard instead of physical keyword.

Kindle Touch TouchScreen Keyword

Kindle Touch TouchScreen Keyword

4. Affordable

This Touch Kindle review emphasizes its affordability. EReaders can choose either the Wi-Fi or 3G model. The Kindle Touch Wi-Fi is priced at $ 139 without special offers or $99 with special offers. If readers have no connection to high speed Internet, they can opt for the 3G for $ 149 with special offers or $ 189 without special offers. With the 3G, users can connect immediately to the Amazon network for free.

What is X-Ray?

Amazon invented X-Ray feature – which will come with extra information for the reader reference. I think it is so nice to have extra reference of other words, authors, old quotes which is a big-plus. Your Kindle books will ship with Wikipedia. Kind of Cool and innovative!

Kindle Touch Reviews


  • Text-to-speech – Sometimes you may be tired in reading and just wanna listen to the “audio” books.
  • Good Pricing. $99 is just right below $100 mark that I have been dreaming about.
  • E-ink Screen – the best reading screen I’d claim. I could read books hours and hours like a paper-book.
  • No more hard press key pressing like Kindle 3. Touching screen is easy and fast.
  • There are many great kindle touch covers to choose from.


  • 6″ screen size is a little small. Some prefer 10″ screen reading experience of Kindle DX and iPad 2.
  • No Color – can’t read beautiful color ebooks and magazines as on Kindle Fire.
  • No true mobile browser as Kindle Fire – very limited browser rendering and features.

Review of Kindle Touch would tell you that it costs $99 for Wifi and $149 for 3G. I would pick the 3G model as it’s so much fun checking out new books on the go. You could get the unlimited wireless without contract for another $50. I think it’s a great and worthy investment. With my Kindle 3G, I could do web browsing and getting new Kindle books anywhere.

Kindle Touch Wifi vs 3G

Obviously, price is different. Wifi is $99 and 3G is $149. Besides that, battery life lasts much longer on Wifi. 3G network sign kills a little bit battery. One shortage of 3G is that the web browsing is not support, kind of limited because of the operator bandwidth limitation I guess.


This Kindle Touch review demonstrates the sophistication and practicality of the device. It is perfect for the touch generation, who is already familiar with touchscreen technology in their communication and multimedia tools. With all the advantages, the Kindle Touch is perfect for you and makes an ideal gift. Place your order with FREE shipping today to have it as soon as possible before it is out of stock.

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