Kindle Keyboard 3G Review

It’s time to get your annual well visit, but you know you’ll be waiting a while at the doctors til it’s your turn. The magazines they have in the waiting room are always at least 6 months out of date and boring. If only you could take your own reading material in, but carrying a book around is so awkward and bulky.

Thankfully, Amazon have long solved that problem and their original solution, the Kindle has now been launched under a new name, following additions to their range. The old Kindle 3 is now known as the Kindle Keyboard, and it offers all of its original features plus one or two interesting additions.

Kindle Keyboard Main Features

To refresh the mind, here is a list of the Kindle 3 features:

1. High quality E Ink display, providing clear and crisp words that make it feel you are reading an actual book. Display screen is 6″.
2. Enables you to read in direct sunlight (unlike the many LCD e book readers and tablets).
3. It’s lighter and smaller than a paperback, meaning easy portability.
4. Battery life lasts up to 2 months.
5. Built in wi-fi enabling fast downloading of new books direct from Amazon. 3G version is also available.
6. Book samples and free books.
7. Real page numbering that reconcile with the printed edition, making citations so much easier.
8. Possibility for your books to be read on a variety of devices and will automatically synchronize so you continue reading where you left off from device to device.
9. Text to speech option so your Kindle Keyboard reads to you.
10. All books you download are automatically backed up and available to you via your account.
11. Read other features here.

Kindle Keyboard Review

Kindle Keyboard Review

And of course there are over a million books to choose from, the device stores many thousands on it, access to a library, audio books and so on.

Kindle Keyboard Discount

This Kindle Keyboard review will now highlight something new. There is a Kindle keyboard discount available which saves you even more money when you buy one. This is in the form of “Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers”. Basically, what this means is that when you leave your Kindle unattended, the screen saver will come on, and instead of it being a picture of an author or something, it presents offers through Amazon that can save you more money.

For example, past offers have been HDTV discounts, ebook discounts and grocery discounts.

It in no way affects your reading pleasure, but it does help to show you exciting offers that you may otherwise have missed.

The Kindle is the world’s number one book reading device, and this original has been updated and fits in perfectly with its newer Kindle brothers. It sits in the middle of the Kindle range and offers great features.

The Kindle Keyboard 3G version is also available for a little more, and this still provides free internet access via the 3G network. This means not only can you download books anywhere at anytime, but you can also check your emails or browse the web with no extra charges.

This Kindle Keyboard review has really highlighted the fact that although it is still the original ebook reading device of its type, it is still by no means out dated or redundant.

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