Kindle Gift Ideas for Women for Valentine’s Day

The day of love is just around the corner, and you may be thinking, what can I get her – well, if she likes reading, how about some Kindle gift ideas for women for Valentines Day? Buying her a Kindle, books or accessories will be a fine way to show her your love.

Three Kindle Gift Ideas She will Love

The Amazon Kindle series really are good and make fantastic e-book readers. The wealth of material available is so large that she will never get bored with it. Downloading new material is quick and easy.

Kindle Gift Ideas for Women for Valentines Day

Kindle Gift Ideas for Women for Valentines Day

1. Kindle Fire

Tablets are very popular these days, and the Fire is a great tablet for the low price it is being offered at. On it, the lady of your life can read thousands of books, magazines and newspapers all in full color. She can watch movies, catch up on tv shows and play music. She can also finally play Angry Birds and other great tablet games.

The Fire is extremely easy and fun to use, and its simple operating system will allow her to focus on using it rather than trying to figure out how to use it.

The Kindle Fire comes with a lovely 7″ color LCD and will present whatever media is running on it in a beautiful way.

She will have plenty of storage space, and an additional 5gb on the Amazon iCloud system which will hold all her Amazon content for her.

The Fire is the first crossover device between e-book reader and tablet.

2. Kindle Touch (the best touch eReader today)

If she already has a Fire, or another tablet, you can still look at getting her the Kindle Touch. Although it is not in color, it is still the best touch eReader available today. Whereas the LCD display of a tablet or Fire is not good for the eyes after a prolonged period of time, the Kindle Touch is primarily designed for reading.

This means that she can read 8 hours non stop, and not have eye strain because the Kindle Touch uses the special e Ink system that appears as if you are reading a regular book.

It has the capacity to store thousands of books, and if you get her the 3G version, she will be able to download more anytime and anywhere she wants. 3G access with the Kindle Touch is free of charge, so she can even do a little web surfing or check her emails.

The Kindle Touch is so much better for the avid readers, due to its e Ink system which prevents eye strain. It shows you really care and love her.

3. Kindle Covers

Additionally, if you really love her, you can get her a Kindle with her favorite color cover. There are many designs and colors to choose from. Have a look and see what suits her the most.

You can get simple sleeves, full leather folio covers or just cases where she takes the Kindle out of and reads. For the non tablet Kindles, there are several cases which have built in lights, hooking up to the Kindle’s battery. This means she can read with the light off at night and not disturb you!

Valentine’s Day Surprise Tips With Kindle

There can be nothing more frustrating for someone receiving a gift like a Kindle, only to receive it with nothing on to do or read. So why not get her some books on it to give her a head start? Or perhaps some music as well? You should know what type of literature she is interested in by now, so have a look at the New York Times bestseller’s list and see if there’s anything there that you can pre-install for her.

Best Valentine Day Gifts

Best Valentine Day Gifts

If you have the Kindle Fire for her, then why not give her a subscription to Amazon Prime or Netflix so she can watch movies and tv shows? If you’re really nice to her, she might let you watch them with her too.

This is the nice thing about the Kindle, once she has it, then it should help and make present buying for her a great deal easier in the future too.

So any of these Kindle gift ideas for women for Valentines Day will surely make her happy, but you’d better hope that it doesn’t make her happier with it than you – in other words, buy her some flowers too!

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