Best Kindle Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

The Kindle is the original and still the best series of ebook readers on the market today. With access to millions of books, and other media sources, it’s little wonder why many consider Kindle gift ideas for mothers day. Not only are the readers good, but there’s also a vast array of accessories that go along with it.

Four Kindle Gift Ideas She Will Love

1. Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire for Mothers Day

Kindle Fire for Mothers Day

The Kindle Fire is an excellent gift idea for your mother. Not only would be she be able to read books, but also watch her favorite movies, tv shows, read her favorite magazines and much more. The Fire is the key to Amazon’s entire media source.

It is also a cross over between ebook reader and tablet, so she will be able to check emails and surf the web also. Moreover she will have access to many apps to make her entire Fire experience fuller and richer. Along with its intuitive and simple user interface, she will not feel overwhelmed by the technology either.

2. Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch is a step up from the basic Kindle. It features the e ink system, enabling the user to be able to read in direct sunlight. Also, unlike backlit LCD screens, the display of the Touch is as close to reading a book, and so will not hurt the users eyes. As the name suggests, the interface is touchscreen, making it very easy for the user to navigate. Get your mom a Kindle Touch with Free Shipping.

Best Kindle Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Kindle Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

3. Nook Touch

It’s worth considering also Nook’s version of the Touch. It too has the same interface as Kindle’s version, but the Nook version is of course connected to Barnes and Noble’s book collection, which does have the largest collection of ebooks in the world.

One other advantage of the Nook Touch is its ability to read the industry standard pub format, along with many other ebook formats, enabling the user to load other book collections to it as well.

Look out for the Nook Touch Glowlight, this uses the same technology as the regular e ink display readers, but also has the option in poor lighting or night time, for the screen to glow, enabling the reader to read it without a light.

4. Kindle Covers

If your mother already has an ebook reader, perhaps she would need a nice Kindle eReader cover for it. Covers not only provide extra protection for safe keeping and cleanliness, but they make it easier to hold and smarter to look at.

Some covers have a very clever built in light feature. When you put your Kindle into the cover, it hooks up to the battery as well, and the battery powers an extractable light which is perfect for night time reading. This of course only applies to the readers with the e ink technology.

There are many different styles of covers, many different designs, so be sure to pick one that best reflects your mother.

Surprise Tips for Mothers Day

Of course, once you have bought her a Kindle, you can add surprise her even more by adding content to it. Here are some of the things you can do to enhance the gift:

Kindle Surprise Tips for Mothers Day

Kindle Surprise Tips for Mothers Day

1. If you gonna get Kindle Fire for your mom, pre-load some of your childhood picturesand the photos taken with her. Her heart will melt for sure.

2. Buy her the latest New York Times Bestseller and have it all ready and set up as soon as she turns it on.

3. Put all her favorite songs on, so she can listen while she reads.

4. A subscription to her favorite magazine, this would be great to do, especially if you have bought her the Kindle Fire, as magazines look beautiful in full color.

5. If she likes movies, you can buy a movies or two for her, or a subscription to Amazon Prime, giving her access to thousands of movies and tv shows.

6. Of course, if you already own a Kindle, you can lend many of your books to her as well.

There are so many other options available to you, and don’t forget, if you buy her a Kindle or Nook, you may have solved your gift buying options for many other holidays for many years to come as well. These Mothers Day Kindle gift ideas can of course be applied to Christmas, birthdays, Easter and so on.

These Kindle gift ideas for Mothers Day provide some great solutions for you to say to your mother ‘I love you’, and you can be totally sure she will love you too for being such a thoughtful and caring person.

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