Compare Kindle Fire vs NOOK Color

It’s going to a big battle for Kindle Fire vs Nook Color. Nook Color has been in the market for couple months and have been getting some attraction. $249 price point was a great start as an Android eBook tablet. Some users could even wipe it out and install the Android OS and have it as a regular Android tablet. Kind of cool, isn’t it?

Kindle Fire vs NOOK Touch

Kindle Fire vs NOOK Touch

The market has been filled with a variety of e-book readers over the past couple years, and NOOK and Kindle models have taken the e-book reader beyond the scope of just a reader. The new Kindle Fire and the NOOK color are top of the line e-book readers that have most of the functionality and performance of a typical tablet. With the same great features, including a full color display, both the NOOK color and the Kindle Fire are the most fierce competition against tablets on the market. The Kindle Fire will release to the public on November 15, 2011, and the NOOK color is available now.

Now Kindle Fire comes in place and beat the price as $199. Probably Nook Color would lower the price to compete before Nov 15. However, will loss the “profit margin” by each sale.

Let us Hands-on Kindle Fire and compare with Nook Color experience:

Hands-on your Nook Color Now:

Coompare Kindle Fire vs Nook Color

When you compare Kindle Fire versus NOOK Color, you need to know that these products offer much more than the features of an e-book reader. An e-book reader is a wonderful device that allows you to read and store books, newspapers and magazines. The device is small and lightweight. It is easy to carry on vacation, to a business conference or the doctor’s office.


$199 vs $250. Kindle Rocks unless you want to pay more!


0.45″ thickness vs 0.48 inches. Kindle rocks!

14.6 ounces (413 grams) vs 15.8 ounces. Kindle Wins+.

Content to Consume

Kindle has over 800,000 titles of books, music, tv shows, and movies to access VERUS NOOK has The NOOK Book Store with over 2 million books, PLUS more than a million books are totally free.

If you like playing multimedia, Kindle is the Winner for sure; if you love free ebooks, NOOK is the to-go person.


Kindle only has 8GB internal memory and no SD card slot, but Nook Color has 8gb built-in memory plus a MicroSD card that you could expand to have another 32GB memory space. NOOK Color wins this round!

Screen Size

The 7 inch, rich, color touchscreens make it easy to compare Kindle Fire vs NOOK color. These devices both offer many of the same features. Games, apps, photos, documents, email, videos, movies and music touch on the capabilities of these devices. The game centers are just as good as those of a standard tablet. The movie viewing capability of the Kindle Fire is crisp and vibrant.


Both offer wi-fi capability and up to 8 hours of battery life, which is fantastic for road trips and airplane travel. Draw Game!


It is interesting to compare Kindle Fire versus NOOK color storage capabilities. The NOOK color offers expandable storage allowing you to insert a microSD card to upload music, documents and pictures to your device. This means you can have your favorite pictures displayed on your screen, but there is also a limit to the storage space. The Kindle Fire offers expandable storage through the unlimited space of Amazon’s cloud. Clearly, the Kindle Fire wins this race.

Video and Movies

In terms of video play and movies, the NOOK has enhanced articles that show videos on how to make a new recipe or the best sites to visit in Chicago. It also has the ability to play videos on the web such as through YouTube. The NOOK Color does not boast the ability to play and store movies as the Kindle Fire does. With access to Amazon’s large selection of movies, the Kindle Fire beats the NOOK hands down in this feature.

Web Browsing

The Kindle Fire is boasting a new technology that will make the web browsing ability of this device far superior in terms of speed to any other device on the market. Again, using the vast space, speed and power of the Amazon Cloud, the Kindle Fire will likely surpass the NOOK in uploading web pages. The Kindle Fire also houses a dual-core processor for speed in accessing and displaying content. Kindle Fire Wins++


When you compare Kindle Fire vs NOOK color, there are many differences. First, we need to take a look at the Kindle Fire and what it offers in comparison to the previous Kindle Touch 3G. The biggest upgrade, obviously, is the full color touchscreen.

The Kindle Touch offers 3G service, while the Kindle Fire is boasting a new technology (Amazon Silk) that will make the web browsing ability of this device far superior in terms of speed and smoothness to any other device on the market.

The Kindle Fire will use the vast space, speed and power of the Amazon Cloud to speed web browsing without 3G. The Kindle Fire also houses a dual-core processor for speed in accessing and displaying content. Now, with a color screen and unbelievable speed the Kindle Fire will display movies and games just as good as any tablet.

The Kindle Fire allows you to connect to a PC via USB and gives unlimited storage space on the Amazon Cloud where you can upload music, books, pictures and personal documents. While there is no information that indicates you can personalize your screen on the Kindle Fire with personal photos, the Kindle Fire can boast access to unlimited storage over the cloud – assuming your device is network connected.


To compare Kindle Fire vs NOOK color head-to-head you can see how they are both top of the line e-book readers offering many benefits to users, but the more realistic view is these devices are putting some major heat on tablets.  The NOOK does not have the movie and video capability of a tablet; nor does it offer the selection of apps available on most tablets. However, this is the only areas the NOOK falls a little short. The Kindle Fire offers everything you want in a tablet with extraordinary speed, and at a much cheaper price than any tablet or the NOOK color.

In Conclusion, Kindle Fire and NOOK Color are great devices and affordable comparing to other 10″ Android Tablets and iPad. You can’t go wrong with either one. It all depends on your favor and what kind of content that you have, buy and consume. For more in depth review reference, please hop over to Best Kindle Fire Review and Nook Color Reviews

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