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If you are looking for an affordable tablet, you should read this Kindle Fire Review. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is at the top of the list and will be available for shipping in the United States today. The Kindle Fire is the first in its series to have a vibrant full color screen and it is reader friendly with a 7 inch interface. This tablet has a great price tag of only right below $200 which is an impressive price compared to others like it. You definitely can’t beat the price.

Amazon Kindle Fire Review is on the stage finally. This is the first color ebook reader (ereader) from Amazon. Here is a brief highlight of the product feature set:

Color Kindle Fire Hand On Experience

Amazon associate demo’ed us Kindle Fire Movie playback, Music player, Web Browsing, Magazines, and Android Games. “Premium Product with non-premium price!”

Can’t wait to hand on this color Kindle, check out the Kindle Fire Discount at

Everyone is talking about it at the offices, restaurants, shopping malls, in the elevators, and even on the street. “Have you heard about Amazon Kindle Fire? Did you get one yet?” Why? Because it’s just an outstanding eReader and tablet that everyone is longing for.

Ultimate Color Kindle Fire Reviews

This Kindle Fire review is now available for everyone who would like to order the new Kindle Fire. This item has evolved from a successful series of other Kindle readers such as the classic Kindle, the Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G, Kindle Keyboard, and the Kindle Keyboard 3G. While you wait, here are a few things you’re going to love about this upcoming Kindle.

Buy Kindle Fire

Buy Kindle Fire

  • $199 – which is a killer to iPad.
  • Dual-core processor – fast web browsing and movie playing.
  • 7-inch IPS display – great color saturation.
  • 1024 x 600 pixel High resolution
  • 169 pixels per inch – crystal clear and iPad only has 132 pixels.
  • Only 14.6 ounces / 0.91 lbs – less than a pound.
  • Wifi only. Sorry no 3G model yet.
  • Amazon Silk – Ultra-fast web browsing exclusively.
  • 8 Hours Battery Life.
  • Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, Yelp, and Twitter Available.
  • An ebook reader, picture viewer, music and movie player all-in-one.

Get it with FREE shipping today and it will come to your door before Thanksgiving.

Cloud Storage System and Computing

The free cloud storage system and computing is now available with the Kindle Fire eReader. Cloud based systems allow storage of files from anywhere with Internet connection. The files can be stored and accessed from any device which connects to the web.

With the Amazon Whispersync included, cloud storage comes handy with syncing all files into other devices. As for web experience, even browsing has never been faster with the Amazon Silk browser – also powered by a cloud based computing. The device is also enabled by a similarly fast dual core processor.

With this type of processing unit, you can surf the web or read ebooks while downloading videos or other applications at the same time.

Aesthetically Amazing

Experts also have their own Kindle Fire review . Most share the same enthusiasm over the Kindle Fire’s amazing aesthetic features. The product boasts of a 7″ full color touch screen with 16 million colors on a 1024 x 600 display resolution. Read from a list of hundreds of magazines and see the difference with colors that are full of life.

This lively item also features the IPS or in-plane switching technology which is applied to iPad units as well. This permits an extra angle for wider viewing in case you would like to share streaming videos and other activities with someone else.

This reader is not just beautiful. It is also durable particularly the screen and is very easy to use and hold with one hand. It is handy and lightweight too. You can carry it with you anywhere you go, even when you travel.

Movies, Videos, T.V, Music, Games, Apps, Books, and Docs

This review of Kindle Fire is not complete without mentioning everything you can download. Find movies, videos, television shows, songs and music, games, apps, books including children’s books, and even documents. Over a million books including your favorite children’s books are available for paid or free download. More than 100,000 movies and T.V. programs are also offered.

As for music, 17 millions songs are listed in the Amazon MP3 store library for downloading. Your favorite games and apps are available too. But if you’re not in the mood for downloads, you may also enjoy unlimited streaming of over 10,000 videos and T.V. shows by being an Amazon Prime member. Your first month’s membership is free.

Plus, you can also read and email your documents in Word, PDF, and other file format.

Kindle Fire Apps

Kindle Fire Apps

Other features such as Emails and Battery Life

Send and receive all your emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc. using one inbox. Expect 8 hours of battery life when reading and 7.5 hours when playing videos with the wireless switch off (yes, built in WiFi connectivity is included). Charging is completed within four hours with a fast and energy saving USB charger. AC adapter may also be used.

With all these fascinating features of the new color Kindle Fire, you will surely order one. If not, you should read our Kindle Fire review once more and be amazed all over again.

Go and grab your Kindle Fire before it is too late.

Kindle Fire Beautiful Screen

It’s visually appealing multi touch digital screen is great for those who love to shop online, watch movies and television shows, download magazines and books, and listen to music. You can download Android apps and games using Amazons Appstore and enjoy unlimited access to e-books by using Amazon’s Kindle software.

Kindle Fire vs Blackberry Playbook and Apple iPad

The Kindle Fire looks and feels like the RIM Blackberry Playbook, but the price is even better. You can browse the web using Amazon’s speedy Silk browser and it supports Adobe Flash web content. The multitude of options have never been better. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one of the most successful ipad alternatives made.

This handy little device has 8 GB of internal memory and 8 hours of battery life. Amazon stands behind its brand name and will guarantee any digital media you buy. With 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books available and free cloud storage for all Amazon content, its fast page loads make it a popular item. The Kindle Fire’s quick and easy downloads give consumers even more reason to buy it.

Awesome Kindle Fire

Awesome Kindle Fire

Parents, you may prefer Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet to any other tablet on the market because of its enticing price tag. It is going to create some tough competition in the tablet computer market. It provides complete PC coverage with gaming capabilities, email, and thousands of videos. It is an integrated tablet that won’t put a huge dent in your pocketbook.

Kindle Fire Limitation

Those who have reviewed this device found that it’s ease of usage was a strong plus. When watching a demonstration of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet their first impressions were positive ones. They witnessed a visually appealing tablet with quick downloads for apps and games, and its web searches were quicker than most tablets. Although there are no photo or video camera capabilities, the price was affordable enough to make it stand out. With Amazon’s site of digital stores offering unlimited services, it will be a hot item.

It sounds like the Kindle Fire is even going to give Apple a run for their money because of its great price. Amazon has made it so easy to purchase music using their MP3 store and with over 10,000 movies and TV shows available right at your fingertips, consuming media has never been easier.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is coming out just in time for America’s favorite gift giving time. Don’t forget to order yours now to ensure its arrival at your doorstep in plenty of time for Christmas. The kids will love it! The whole family will love it! Just go to Amazon’s online store to make your reservation.

Kindle Fire Rocks

Color Kindle Fire Tablet should be Your Media Hub on-the-go:

  • Millions of Kindle book collection
  • Amazon MP3 store has 17 million songs, some are as cheap as $.69
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video — 11,000 movies and TV shows commercial-free for $79 a year including free two-day shipping.
  • You could load and browse your personal and family pictures and videos in the gallery
Kindle Fire Prices

Kindle Fire Prices

Kindle Fire Prices

$199 is a no-brainer comparing to the black & white Kindle Touch and Kindle 4. However, you are right that reading on e-ink Kindle is much-nicer on your eyes. Comparing to iPad2 ($499) and Nook Color ($249), it gonna be a long-term Winner!

Kindle Fire Reviews – Pros and Cons

Each device has pros and cons. No doubt that there are some trade-offs in Kindle Fire.


  • All the rocking features that we are talking about here.
  • Just right below $200 as a no-brainer price
  • Colors and Colours – why bother reading on black and white eink screen anymore?
  • If you are a truley Kindle lover, no need to ask why to upgrade.


  • No camera and microphone
  • No 3G model available yet
  • The user interface is not customizable as regular Android tablets and Apple iPads
Kindle Fire Review

Kindle Fire Review

Kindle Fire Supporting these Ebook File Formats:

Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively, DOC, DOCX

Although Kindle Fire doesn’t support ePub natively, but one could download these Android Ebook Reader apps on Amazon AppStore and read your existing EPUB books:

1. Aldiko Book Reader (FREE) – you could import pdf and ePub, also you could access a large catalogs of ebooks

2. Kobo eBooks (free) – Formats supported are ePub, prc

3. Moon+ Reader Pro – supports Epub and be to access thousands of books.

4. Mantano Reader – an advanced pdf and epub reader. Able to use margin, column and zooming features of PDF format.

Kindle Fire Pdf Readers

Kindle Fire supports pdf file format natively. You could just copy and read it as other Kindle books. Furthermore, there are many other pdf readers in Amazon AppStore. Go and explore!

If you are looking for a more powerful pdf Reader, ezPDF reader is for you. You could even fill up pdf form with this. Annotation list is supported.

Audio Book and Music File Formats that Kindle Fire supports.

Audible (Audible Enhanced (AA, AAX)), non-DRM AAC, MP3(the most common music file format), MIDI, OGG, WAV

Kindle Fire supports these Image File Formats


Video File Formats on Kindle Fire

  • MP4 - it’s common used in most of digital video recorders and camera. The file extension is .mp4
  • VP8 – an open video format originally created by On2 Technologies and now released by Google

Playing Top Kindle Fire Games

You could download and play Android games on Kindle Fire. Angry bird and Ninja Fruit are on-the-go with your book collection. Check out my favorite and best Kindle Fire Games.

Kindle Fire Games

Kindle Fire Games

Definitely, Kindle Fire should be on your waiting list and must-have for this Christmas Season 2011. Your loved one should be pleased receiving one. You could even preload some “loved” pictures in the photo albums as a surprise!

Order yours now so you’ll get it in time for Christmas.

With all these innovative features, I am not surprised that you are dreaming about playing with Kindle Fire right the way.

Hope you like my in-depth Amazon Best Kindle Fire Review, share your love with friends and family and LIKE it on the right hand side bar.

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