How to select Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

The most needed and useful accessory for the kindle are kindle fire covers and cases that are used to protect its screen. Although, the screen of the kindle fire is tough, it is wise to store your kindle in a cover that will insure it’s safety. There is nothing worse than spending $200 dollars for an e-reader that becomes scuffed with scratches and marks. Kindle fire covers will give you a safe place to keep your kindle. Many people will overlook purchasing a cover only to be tormented weeks later by I scratched screen. Do not skimp on something so simple that will save you from the hassle and expense of replacing a scratched and marred kindle screen.

Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

Kindle Fire Covers and Cases Best-Sellers

There are so many options in the marketplace. These are our best Kindle Fire Covers and Cases pick:

1. Verso Artist Series Cover for Kindle Fire

Give your Kindle Fire an antique book feel with this specially designed cover, bringing an artist look to the latest reading technology. All materials used are synthetic and specifically designed for the task – to protect and provide a stylish cover.

The Fire is help by four corner elastic straps that holds it securely in place and the microfibre interior will prevent any scratches to the surface or screen.

It is extremely lightweight and not bulky enabling simple and unhindered usage.

Verso Artist Series Cover for Kindle Fire

Verso Artist Series Cover for Kindle Fire

2. Marware Kindle Fire Leather Cover

A superbly designed leather cover that allows the Fire to simply slot into place. When closed, elastic will hold the cover shut so there is no way the device can fall out or be exposed.

When opened, this same elastic holds the cover back and there is also a place to slot your hand in to enable one handed usage, while still keeping the device secure in your hand.

Also, it has a fully adjustable stand so you can set up your Fire to watch movies on without having to hold it.

Marware Kindle Fire Leather Cover

Marware Kindle Fire Leather Cover

3. Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover

This cover is made of a rigid, but slightly flexible material that houses your Fire perfectly. The device simply clips into place and is very streamlined. With the rigid material, the device remains very safe and secure.

The way this cover closes and operates is identical to the leather cover as previously described and it also has a stand, although this one is not adjustable.

4. Marware jurni Kindle Fire Cover

A very simple zipper case enables you to secure your Kindle Fire in when on the go. It is available in a multitude of colors, so should satisfy most tastes.

It is quite thin, and does offer protection, but most probably not against being dropped. It would mostly apply to ladies as it will fit into their purses very well and offer protection against the many other items in a ladies purse.

These two features are my favorites: the interior hand strap lets you to hold and read in one-hand. Also the exterior zippered pocket let you to store personal items like ID and credit cards which is very handy.

Marware jurni Kindle Fire Cover

Marware jurni Kindle Fire Cover

5. Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle Fire Cover

This stylish leather exterior, micro suede interior cover is a great option for your Fire. It slots into four holding clips that secure it to the cover. When the cover is closed, there is an elastic strap that keeps it closed. On opening, this same strap secures the cover so it remains open.

There is also a strap that fits over your hand enabling you to use the device in one hand. There are also four rubber feet which assist the cover in also being a stand so you can watch movies on the device hands free. It’s available in three colors.

6. splash SIGNATURE Folio Leather Case Cover

Leather exterior with an inner polyurethane lining help to protect your Fire from damage and scratches. It comes in a variety of colors, white, black, brown, and pink.

This cover also contains a stand, and it can be used in three different positions, depending on how you wish to view the movie on the Fire.

Why Do I need A Kindle Fire Cover?

What exactly are kindle fire covers? Kindle fire covers are a type of case that kindle owners use to protect the screen of their kindle fire. They often look like little books that the kindle fire fits inside. A cover is the best way to protect your kindle fire screen from damage. You do not want to pay for a new screen! I did, and it was a huge hassle that could have been avoided by buying a cover. The mentality that I had was based on being cheap, and not wanting to spend any extra money, but in the end, I unfortunately spent more money replacing the screen than I would have on a cover.

How To Select A Kindle Fire Cover:

(1) Find a color or the kind of print you would want on your cover
(2) Decide on the size of cover you need
(3) Use the Internet to compare designs, shapes, sizes, and price
(4) Remember that even a utilitarian model is better than going without a cover

Fashionable Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

Kindle fire covers are very fashionable and allow you to customize your kindle to your liking. They even have different kinds of prints with stripes, different colors, and different sizes. Consider your personal taste when choosing a kindle fire cover.

Size is also something that should be taken into consideration. How big of cover do you want? Do you want a cover that is similar to the size of the kindle that simply overlaps it or one that is larger. The larger kindle fire covers are great because they have little storage compartments in them, and some even have a place for a small notepad. The larger designs are similar to the day planners that were popular before the digital age.

Avoid kindle fire covers that are made from extremely light materials. They are able to protect your screen from scratches, but not from force.

Some covers come with special features like Built-in Hand Strap and a Stand. They are handy features for carrying your Fire around and letting you watch movies or read hand-free while your tablet standing on the table or your lap.

It is amazing how something so little and simple as a kindle fire cover can save you from many headaches. As stated before, covers are a necessity, and not a mere accessory. I know it is easy to put off buying a cover when you are already spending $200 for the device, but ultimately a cover or case will save more money than it’s upfront cost. I like to think of it as not buying car insurance. Sure the monthly fee seems like a waste of money UNTIL you are in an accident. Prevention is the key. Buy kindle fire covers today.

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