Best Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

These Kindle Fire covers are newly designed sleeves that attach to the case of your Kindle, protecting it from damage. Each cover has a lightly padded interior and is created on a hinge system, so you never have to remove your device from its’ safe, secure pocket. Not only do these cases safely stow your Kindle, but there are thousands of cover designs to choose from. Your Kindle can make an artistic statement, while remaining out of harms way. So now you’re convinced that your Kindle needs to be fashionably secure with one of the latest Kindle Fire Cases.

What are the best Kindle Fire Covers?

Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

There are many Fire Covers out there. Which one shall I get? These Kindle Fire Covers are our best sellers hand-picked by us:

1. Marware’s Leather Cover for Kindle Fire

The Marware’s Leather Cover for Kindle Fire is my personnel favorite Kindle cover, as it is also very lightweight weighing less than 4 ounces. The cover is made out of genuine leather and is lined with very soft microsuede that really protects the Kindle from scratched whenever it falls.

The great thing about this Kindle Cover is that it actually transforms to stand, which is very ideal for watching videos and viewing pictures. This specific Kindle Cover also has a built-in hand strap that will make it much easier to keep a grip and hold while in use. Five colors are available and sure that you will find your favorite one: Black, Charcoal, Brown, Green, and Pink.

Marware Kindle Fire Leather Cover

Marware Kindle Fire Leather Cover

2. Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware

The Lightweight Marware’s MicroShell Folio Cover For Kindle Fire is probably the lightest Kindle Cover that can be purchased weighing only 3.7 ounces. This specific cover is mainly designed to be very slim and lightweight, which is why it has also become one of the most famous Kindle Covers.

This cover has a soft protective lid that protects the Kindle from scratches and cracks. The back piece is actually a Hard polycarbonate so that it will protect the Kindle even more. This Kindle is also one of the most affordable quality covers that can be purchased. Black, Graphite, Pink, and White should serve you well.

Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware

Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware

3. Kindle Fire Verso Prologue Cover

The Kindle Fire Verso Prologue Cover is one of the most popular Kindle covers, as it is super lightweight weighing only 3.2 ounces. The entire built of the cover is very sturdy and isn’t bulky whatsoever, which is why plenty of Kindle Fire owners purchased this specific cover.

This cover has a microfiber interior lining that really protects the screen of your Kindle Fire. The cover contains slim pockets for headphones and all of the other essentials that you may need. This cover also has long-life elastic straps, and the best part is that the silicone won’t slip. Tan and Red are available.

Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle Fire

Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle Fire


4. Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve

The Zip Sleeve for Kindle Fire is also a very nice and lightweight Kindle Cover weighing less than 2 ounces. The entire cover is very simple, yet is very capable to take care of your Kindle.

This cover is also super convenient for people that are always on the go because it is super easy to get and put back the Kindle with the zipper. If you’d like a variety of colors, this cover is available in five different colors as well like Blue, Graphite, Lime, Coarl, and Charcoal.

Blue Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve

Blue Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve


5. Kindle Fire Eco-Vue Cover by Marware

The Kindle Fire Eco-Vue Cover by Marware is one of the lightest Kindle covers out there weighing less than 0.8 ounces. This cover also has very thin rubberized straps that makes it super easy to keep your grip while your using your Kindle.

This Kindle Fire cover is also made with eco-friendly leather exterior and also very soft microsuede interior to add even more protection to your Kindle. It really is a great Kindle cover that will certainly protect your Kindle during impact. It’s available in Black, Brown, and Pink.

Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle Fire Cover Pink

Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle Fire Cover Pink


6. Folio Leather Case SIGNATURE splash Cover Kindle FIRE Tablet w/ Stand

The Folio Leather Case SIGNATURE splash Cover Kindle FIRE Tablet w/ Stand is also a very nice cover, but is the heaviest cover among the rest weighing 8.5 ounces; however, it is also one of the the most affordable Kindle Fire covers out there.

This Fire cover is made with leather material, exceptional craft bond, and an inner polyurethane lining that delivers a very elegant and durable appearance. This cover also has a stand and is available in Black and Pink colors.

SIGNATURE Folio Leather Case Cover Fits Amazon Kindle FIRE Tablet with Stand

SIGNATURE Folio Leather Case Cover Fits Amazon Kindle FIRE Tablet with Stand


What to consider when buying Kindle Fire Covers?

Before buying a Kindle Fire case, there are some factors that you should consider: the design, style functions, cover material, and the cost of the case.

Kindle Fire Cover Designs

These covers are hot off the shelf and making waves in the market. Everyone from Belkin, to Marware, and famous fashion designers are making covers for the Kindle Fire. Choose a sporty bright red or blue case to show off your easy-going, extroverted character. Or maybe you prefer to be up with the latest fashion, in which case you may choose to tote your Kindle around in a sleeve patterned by Kate Spade.

You can pretend your reading an old novel by purchasing a Kindle Fire cover that resembles a leather-bound book. The variety of colors and designs for these covers are endless. Find a cover that expresses your individual style.

Style Functions

Each Kindle case is designed for specific functions. Some covers have a piece that flips out to hold the Kindle Fire upright and vertical. Others fold into a triangle, giving a more stable base. In many ways, this feature is great, because there are times when you will not want to hold your device in your hands or lap. For example, it would be much more comfortable to watch a television program or movie with the Kindle upright. Not only would it be more comfortable, but it opens up the experience to more than just one person.

Other covers come with a built-in hand strap. With the strap, comes an improved grip and the ability to hold onto the Kindle during usage. This feature allows you to feel more in control while utilizing the device. Depending on your intended usage, these features may be a selling point for you.

Fire Cover Materials

These stylish sleeves are made of everything from durable nylon, to leather, and polycarbonate for the utmost protection against any possible shock that your Kindle may incur. When choosing your cover/case, you want to consider the material of the case and how that material can help protect your Kindle from possible damage risks.

Weather, dropping, accidental banging during transport, scratching, shaking, etc. can all potentially damage your Kindle. If you want to make sure that your Kindle is safe, you need to buy a Kindle Fire case that is compatible with your intended uses for the device.

Cover Costs

Each Kindle Fire cover or case comes at a different price ranging anywhere from $20 to almost $70. Everything from the material of the case, to the way it functions, where you buy it from, and the brand name can influence the price of these sleeves. The highest price cases are typically made from materials with better protective qualities or are patterned by famous designers.

The best way to choose a cover is to assess how well it will protect your device, considering it is the main purpose of the cover, then search around for the best cost and design to match your personality.

Everyone needs a Kindle Fire Cover, not just for the fact they make your Kindle more visually appealing and unique, but because it will protect your Kindle from the damages listed below. All of these possible risks are very likely to occur during the lifetime of owning a Kindle, so do yourself a favor and avoid the issue all together.

Go get yours now and feel relief in knowing that your investment is safe. In this day in age, where technology is becoming smaller and more portable than ever, we turn our attention to the dilemma of protecting such important, portable devices from:
* Scratches
* Shaking
* Shock
* Weather
* Poor Handling
* and any other damaging possibilities!!!

All other Kindle Fire Covers can be found at and any other stores that carry Kindle products. Let Kindle Fire covers protect your device from damage and reflect your individual personality through the largest variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

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