Kindle 5 Rumors

The 5th generation Kindle will be announced on Sept 6,2012 in California. The new ones are going to be exciting as in the last year.

Can’t believe, it’s already the 5th gen Kindle; Check out the previous ones if you like at Kindle Wiki.

I love reading my Kindle keyboard; have been catching up and reading Kindle 5 Rumors.

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In summary, this is my wish-list for Kindle 5:

  • Cozy Look and Feel comparing to the first gen Kindle Fire. I expect to have something look unique and special as the 1st Apple iPad. We as end users love WOW factor.
  • Backlight Support on E-ink Screen as NOOK Touch
  • Lower price as $59 or $69 for entry level
  • Better Keyboard; I kind of miss the physical keyboard on Kindle 3.
  • Pre-loaded some Best Seller Kindle Books. How nice would it be if it comes with hot-selling books and I could load and read out of the box.

For Kindle Fire 2 (Next Generation), I wish it would come with

  • 10 inch LCD screen. I love reading on big screen.
  • Faster CPU as expected. Quad or Dual Core CPU is a must-have
  • HDMI Video Output; so I could play the streaming video or Pictures on my HD TV in the living room
  • USB port; so I could connect and store files with my external hard-drive
  • Front and Rear Camera; I hope I could take pictures and do Video Conferencing with my buddies

No matter you like Kindle 5 (aka Kindle Touch 2 and Kindle Fire 2) or not, it’s going to be very popular and selling like a hot pan-cake for Season 2012.

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