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Kindle 4 Review is trying to “conclude” what Kindle 4 is. It’s not like Kindle 3 in 2010- one and only one shipped.  I was talking about the Kindle 4 Rumors. Indeed, this 2011 season, there are 4 new Kindle models available as gifts:


The price of Kindle 4 is very attractive. $79 which is just below $100 that I have been dreaming and talking about. Kindle 4 is going to be the norm and the entry for eReaders. It’s priced pretty like a textbook. Everyone could afford having his or her own eReader today.

Kindle electronic books are going to be a long-term winner as most of them are $9.99 and $79 is the cheapest to get a Kindle ereader.

The Kindle 4 Unbox Experience is nice and neat. Indeed, this is an outstanding one!

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Kindle 4 Prices

Kindle 4 Prices

Kindle 4 Reviews

No doubt that Kindle 4 is the best eInk Kindle eReader in the Kindle Family History. I fell in love with it when Kindle 3 came back in 2010. Since then, I bought over 30 Kindle books in the last year. This new Kindle 4 is:

  • slightly less than 6 ounces, 30% Lighter than Kindle 3
  • 6″ E-ink screen with 18% smaller size comparing to the previous Kindle.
  • Handy size that you could even fit in your pant pocket.
  • Wifi built-in – you download your ebooks wirelessly
  • Able to borrow Kindle Books  from your public library FREE.
  • Able to access the 800,000 title Kindle Book Collection – many are free and most are only $9.99 or less.
  • See other cool features here

Why Kindle 4?

Reading books has come back into fashion. Many people are now reading books on their computers, tablets and smartphones. But the best way to read and store books is using readers that have the special ink that actually looks like you are reading pages from a book. None do this as well as the Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle 4 is here, though not under a great deal of fanfare, thanks to the launch of the Kindle Fire at the same time. Make no mistake though, the Kindle 4 has every right to be in this series of ebooks, and it offers so much for the avid reader, especially for its low price and special Kindle 4 discount that comes in the form of a special offer & sponsored screensaver option (more about that later).

The Kindle 4 is essentially the 4th generation of Kindle. It is like the original Kindle, but this device does not have the keyboard the original had (the keyboard version is now known as the Kindle Keyboard).

So what does the Kindle 4 offer?

1. It’s super low price makes it the cheapest mainstream ebook reader in the world.
2. 2gb of storage space, enough to hold around 1400 books.
3. Wi-fi connectivity, you don’t need a computer to download books.
4. Up to one month of battery life.
5. Super small and light making it extremely easy to carry.
6. Simple 5 way controller to navigate to books and read.

Even though it is currently priced at a super low price, it is possible to get it even cheaper, thanks to Amazon’s special offer & sponsored screensaver option. If purchased with this option, instead of seeing a regular screensaver when the device is off, you will receive special offers and discount options that will be displayed on the screen. This in no way hampers your experience of reading a book, and it also saves you a few dollars. And who knows, one of the offers may appeal to you some time. One example of a previously displayed offer has been discounts on ebooks. It’s well worth consideration.

This Kindle 4 review discovers that this generation of Kindle is like every previous Kindle regarding the E Ink technology, in that the great advantage is that the device can be read in direct sunlight, unlike LCD tablets and ebook readers. This technology is also easier on the eyes compared to LCDs, and at the end of the day, reading should be as stress free to the eyes as possible. Tablets are great, but if you are an avid reader, then the E Ink system is the best way to go.

Kindle 4 is Better?

One of the new features of this Kindle is the faster drawing speed and the way the screen redraws when turning a page. The page no longer turns to black before redrawing, now it simply redraws only the areas that need redrawing at the time. This makes it look better and more streamlined.

Kindle 4 Pros

  • $79 is a killer price, the lowest one in the current market
  • Lighter and compact fitting in your pocket and purse.
  • One month battery life reading with “wireless off”
  • Be able to get new Kindle books in 60 seconds with Wifi
  • You could rotate the Kindle and read your book horizontally.

Kindle 4 Cons

  • No keyboard – many users love physical key input as on Kindle Keyboard aka Kindle 3
  • No touch screen – nowadays people expect touch screen interface, I guess we as new generation are spoiled by iPads and Android tablets.
  • No Color Screen as Kindle Fire - no fun reading of my color magazines and children books.


Indeed, it’s not too bad to type letters with 4 navigation buttons and enter key:

If you don’t have an ebook reader, go ahead and get your Kindle 4 ($79 only) with FREE shipping today.

Which Kindle do you consider to have? If budget is the first priority concern and feature sets would differentiate your decision. If you don’t have a touch tablet yet and budget is allowed, why don’t you get Color Kindle Fire? Check out our detailed review before purchasing.

Kindle 4 is a great eReader if you want a simple and basic one. The device is no frills, but it does exactly what it is designed for, reading and storing books and it does it for a really low price too. This Kindle 4 review really recommends looking at this device, especially if you already have a tablet, because your eyes will thank you.

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