Compare Kindle 3 Keyboard vs Kindle 4

With all the reading technology advancements that manufacturers are developing, it is overwhelming to compare the Kindle 3 vs Kindle 4 features. Companies are constantly releasing new electronic books for people to read on their Kindle 3 or Kindle 4 readers. Everyone wants to know the benefits and differences of each reader so consumers can make an educated decision when they are at the store.

Kindle 3 Keyboard vs Kindle 4

Kindle 3 Keyboard vs Kindle 4

Difference in Keyboard

Both e-readers have many features to awe any avid bookworm. There are several subtle differences that the Kindle 4 has when compared to the Kindle 3 reader. The main difference when people look at Kindle 3 (keyboard) vs Kindle 4 is that Kindle 4 does not have a keyboard. Kindle 3 has a keyboard designed into the frame. The Kindle 4 has an electronic keyboard, which shortens the e-reader.

The video demoed Kindle 3 Keyboard and Kindle 4 side by side, get your hands-on the new Kindle 4 today.

Compare Kindle Keyboard verus Kindle 4


A side-by-side view of the Kindle 3 vs Kindle 4 shows that the Kindle 4 e-reader weighs two ounces less than the Kindle 3 e-reader. The reason is that the keyboard is electronic. The Kindle 4 design is 18% smaller than Kindle 3. However, the six-inch screen size remains the same in both models. Readers can carry the slimmer Kindle 4 in their back pocket. Kindle 3 e-readers are still lighter than the average paperback book.

Internet Connectivity

When people want to download a book when they are relaxing on the beach, the reader has wireless connectivity to the internet. There are Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world, which makes it easy to download books anytime, anywhere. There is no need to hook up either of the e-readers to a computer to download books. 3G is available only on Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch.


The Kindle Keyboard e-reader holds up to 3,500 books. This reader carries over twice as many electronic books than the Kindle 4 reader stores. The battery life for Kindle 3 readers holds up to two months. Kindle 4 reader’s battery holds a charge for one month. This means more time to charge the Kindle 4 reader’s battery.


Kindle 4 is $79 which is the lowest among all Kindle models. Kindle 3 Keyboard goes down to $99 includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers. The offers included Gift Card, huge discounts when buying laptops and HD TVs, and $1 for a Kindle book – saves you more money in the pocket.

Meanwhile, you may be curious about how Kindle Touch vs Kindle Keyboard and the new, please kindly refer to the below Kindle Comparison table.

Compare Kindle Keyboard Compare Kindle 4 Compare Kindle Touch Compare Kindle Fire
title Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi Kindle 4, Wi-Fi Kindle Fire, Full Color Kindle Touch, Wi-Fi
Height 0.36 inch 0.34 inch 0.45 inch 0.4 inch
Length 8 inch 6.5 inch 7.5 inch 6.8 inch
Width 5.3 inch 4.5 inch 4.7 inch 4.7 inch
price 139.00 79.00 199.00 99.00
reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
link More Info More Info More Info More Info

Cloud Storage

One major difference when comparing the Kindle Keyboard vs Kindle 4 is that the older model archives books that are downloaded on the e-reader. People who buy the Kindle 4 readers can back up their books using free Cloud backup. The Cloud automatically backs up every book that people download on to their Kindle 4 e-reader.

Share Across Devices

Another excellent benefit that the new e-reader provides to consumers is that once they download an e-book, they can read it from any electronic device. Bookworms can read their books on computers, smart phones, tablets, and Kindle 4. Kindle 3 offers this option to people as well.

Kindle Pdf Support

Both e-readers allow users to email PDF’s and other documents directly to the Kindle. People who need to read business reports on both e-readers. They both have Whisper sync that bookmarks the last page the user was reading. This makes it easy to find where people left off.

Kindle E-ink Screen

Kindle E-ink Screen

E-ink Easy-to-read Screen

The Kindle e-readers both have a new ink technology that looks the same as ink in an actual book. This allows people to read their books easier without straining their eyes. Both readers have a screen that is easy to read in direct sunlight. The screens are glare-resistant, which makes it easy to read on a sunny day. They also have access to over one million books; and every book is under ten dollars.


The Kindle 4 reader weighs less than the Kindle 3 reader does, and it has a shorter battery life. The biggest difference between the two is that the new version does not have a keyboard in the frame. After comparing Kindle 3 vs Kindle 4 e-readers, they have many benefits that are the same; including the screen size, email access, Whisper sync, and free back up.

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